Vision and Mission


The College is committed to a model of quality education that is equitable and leads to the holistic development of all stakeholders.


The motto of our College is Tejasvi Naav— adhitam—astu: “may our learning be endowed with radiance.” Serving a wide cross—section of students, ARSD College is committed to provide quality education in the fields of Humanities, Science and Commerce, and enabling the all-round development of the students in its trust. The college is also dedicated to creating opportunities for its women students in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our aim, therefore, is to work towards creating a joyful ecosystem where students  are galvanised to maximise their potential while cultivating their conscience.


The College focuses on learner—centric teaching, and dynamic and interactive learning which is fostered by:

  • Developing core competencies in addition to valuable life skills;
  • A strong focus on research based activities;
  • Innovative teaching practices that include ICT;
  • Placing strong emphasis on instilling in students a sense of responsibility;
  • Modernisation and upgradation of college infrastructure, laboratories, learning resources, and computations facilities.
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