Tilt Activities

Rear Window Screening

Tilt - the Film Appreciation Society of ARSD College organized its first movie screening - Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window - on August 30. The doors of the hall were open for students from various colleges and departments.The grandiose event commenced with an introduction of the Society and its members. The teacher convenors provided the audience with some insights into the world of cinema, followed by a welcome note by the Principal, Dr. Gyantosh Kumar Jha who enlightened the audience with his experiences and impact of films in his life.The event was further edified with an inaugural lecture by Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Ambedkar University, Dr. Vebhuti Duggal. The speaker took us through the visions and process of formulating an idea into a movie.The movie Rear Window left the audience glued to their seats.After insights into film-making and information about a Hitchcockian-classic were provided by Dr. Duggal, students were able to appreciate the detailing, technicalities, and camera-work in the movie.

Tilt On


Tilt- The Film Appreciation Society of ARSD College screened Bandini, a 1963 Bollywood classic which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and many others.The event was marked by the presence of Dr. Smita Banerjee- Associate Professor, English Department at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce who analysed the movie and gave great insights from the work she has done on it.She also talked about the strong female character in the film, played by Nutan as the lead actor and showed how in the 1950s, the idea of a woman who can change her life for good by breaking societal norms was perceived.After a detailed analysis of the movie, students were able to appreciate the little things that Bimal Roy's female prison-drama endeavours to portray.

Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

The subject of Tilt's first movie-discussion meeting was the Hitchcockian classic, Vertigo. After some thoughtful insights into Hitchcock's world from our convenor, Ms. Mousumi Ray, members of the team conversed about the themes of male-gaze, the significance of Kim Novak's spiral hairdo, the questions of love and space in the film, to name a few.While some enjoyed Rear Window better, and others claim their newfound love for Vertigo, it is safe to say that everyone had something crucial to add to the discussion.

Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy

For this Tilt's movie-discussions, the subject was India's Oscar 2020 entry: Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy.One of the mentors of the society, Dr. Prerana Sinha gave students delightful insights into the leitmotif of the film.The movie had multiple scenes that shattered stereotypes, made audiences cry and laugh, induced adrenaline with its rap music or made one come face-to-face with the heart-wrenching truth of unattainable dreams and reality. One thing everyone agreed on was its amazing use of music score which enhanced each scene and clearly put across the meaning behind it. Everyone voiced their favourite scenes, appreciating the use of creative cinematography to emphasize upon the underlining significance, though some argued about the almost surreal climax of the film. Nonetheless, the film was acknowledged as a masterpiece by all present in the discussion. "Apna Time ayega" has become the catchphrase of this generation inspiring its listeners to dream big and contort reality to fit their dreams instead of trapping them into the reality they were given.

Annual production for the year 2020-21-"Bathroom mein Band"

A tale weaved around the idea that every artist needs a 'room of one's own' where they can express their emotions with colors shamed by the world outside. A place where a person can truly be themselves. A place where there are no judgments. A place where there is freedom in confinement. A place where one can feel without facing the unwavering brutality and hypocrisy of society. A small corner of solace to feel the emotions and not just skip through them.
इस कैद में हम आज़ाद हैं........

We, the members of Tilt: The Filmmaking and Appreciation Society of Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College bring to you the most awaited project of the year, our annual production for the year 2020-21-"Bathroom mein Band."

Director: Shoaib Ahmed, Isha Adhikari
Writer: Ria Kumar
Editor: Vedansh Pruthi, Shoaib Ahmed
Music: Ria Kumar
Cinematographers: Jayant Tokas, Vishesh Malik
Voice Over: Shoaib Ahmed
Starring: Vishesh Malik
Special Thanks:
Ms. Mausami Ray
Dr. Prerna Sinha
Dr. Neeta Azad

Movie Linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1LpDe1O3VW5Svx1S6_jxjP3IZSHvWKGKQ/view?usp=sharing

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