About Us

This committee was established in November 2014 to address the issues concerning North East Students studying in the College, as per the directives of the Deputy Secretary (HE), GOI, MHRD. Dr Achingliu Kamei, Assistant Professor, Department of English was designated as the first Nodal Officer of this committee and serving since then. This committee seeks to promote amity among students of different socio-cultural background and develop an understanding of the different perspectives and learn to function in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment. It seeks to act as an interface between the management and the Northeast students. The committee also works towards creating a platform for helping them to integrate smoothly with the rest of the students by organizing social events, activities and intentionally mentor them to launch their academic career smoothly. The committee also is committed to cater to the emotional welfare of the students. The committee meets with the students on a regular basis to discuss the problems and probable ways of resolving them.  This committee organizes annually orientation for freshers and Talk. The committee also organize annually North-East Cultural inter-college festival named “RAINBOW FEST”. The objective of this festival is to highlight the diverse culture of North-East states and to foster deeper respect for culture other than one’s own.

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