About us

About Us

The NCC unit was established at ARSD College in the academic year 1960-61. Students are actively encouraged to participate in large numbers to embrace the values of selfless service, dedication, and commitment to the nation through the ARSD NCC branch. Affiliated with the 7 Delhi Battalion under Group ‘C’ of the Delhi NCC Directorate, the ARSD NCC unit operates under the planning and implementation oversight of the Directorate/Group. The college maintains two Platoons of the NCC (Army wing).

Both male and female students have the opportunity to join the Air and Naval wings of the NCC through open vacancies in the unit. Cadets are eligible to undergo training for B and C-level certification, which entails meeting mandatory requirements. The NCC, renowned for its rigorous training processes, not only prepares students for potential careers in various central armed police and defense forces but also instills in them the values of conscientious community service.


  • To foster the development of character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, and the ideals of selfless service among the youth of the country.
  • To cultivate a human resource of organized, trained, and motivated youth capable of providing leadership in all spheres of life and dedicated to serving the nation whenever required.

Training Activities

Military Training, Physical Training, Grooming Classes, National Camps (Republic Camp, Thal Sainik Camp), EBSB, BMC, SSCD activities (Blood Donation, Cleanliness drive, Plantation drive etc.) and Certificate Examinations A/B/C.

Institutional Training

Military Training, Parades Campus and Certificate Examinations A/B/C

Cardinals of NCC Discipline

  1. Obey With Smile
  2. Be Punctual
  3. Work Hard Without Fuss
  4. Complete Statistics
  5. Make No Excuses and Tell No Lies

Ethics of NCC Cadets

  • Be truthful, upright and obedient
  • Spread the message of national integration
  • Be humane, cultured and compassionate
  • Always protect the weak
  • Be open and transparent in personal conduct

Opportunities for Students

  • Opportunity To Travel Abroad
  • No Military Service Liability
  • A Chance To Serve The Armed Forces
  • A Life Full Of Adventures
  • A Cruise To Visit Foreign Ports

Opportunities for Teacher

  • Status Of Service Officer Without Military Service Liability
  • Opportunity To Lead Cadets Into Performing Social Service, Adopt Finer Values In Life And Become Better Citizens Of The Country.
  • Opportunity To Take Part In Adventure Activity.
  • Opportunity To Travel Abroad.

Associate NCC Officer Capt.(Prof.) Sandeep


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