About Us

“Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labour. It’s about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving the good society.” -Robert Shiller

Financial literacy, for the sake of brevity, is an ability to understand money and how it works – including its management, investment, and expenditure. Being. Understanding the basic concepts, learning various terminologies associated with finance and investment as well as knowing about the distinguished people in this field at an early age can help a student (from any background) hone their budgeting and financial skills in present as well as in a long term in future.

A Finance and Investment Cell is essentially a common platform for all finance enthusiasts to learn through information sharing and also to keep the enthusiasm of finance lovers alive throughout the year by organising different events related to the subject. The cell aims to provide a stimulus to knowledge sharing by organising interactive discussions, seminars, forums, competitions and other activities in the area of finance. It aims to enlighten students about complex yet interesting fields of finance and investments and their respective practical applications. It is a confluence of Finance, Economics and Commerce brought together to appease the inner enthusiasm of students.



Finance is the modern bridge connecting the solutions to economics as well as commerce related situations in economy. Being a book worm does not help to crack such meddling situations. Whether it is about being an entrepreneur or possessing a corporate job one needs to be street smart. Our aim of combining Finance and Economics to get a better understanding of the world thus becomes an inevitable part in our education to become efficient and effective in whatever path we pursue.


We have designed the society’s work in such a way that it will bring our members to the exposure of multiple real life business situations, boast finance literacy in the most creative way possible. And to impart knowledge of various investment instruments and organising mock stocks so that they can not only gain a real life situation they will have to handle later on but also to participate in different colleges competition and bringing accolades to our college.

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