Equal Opportunity Cell

Equal Opportunity Cell-  Reducing Inequalities!! 

Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) was setup to make the institution Disabled friendly. In its Disability Statement, the we reiterate our commitment towards sensitizing the environment of the college and general public regarding the problems of “differently abled” by bringing forth their strengths and problems. The Equal Opportunity Cell organized its orientation programme on 31 October 2019.

Dr. Sanjay Kant Prasad, Deputy Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disability was invited as the Chief Guest. The programme began with lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the guest, Principal Dr. Gyantosh Kumar Jha and the convener, Mr Ajeet Kumar. Mr. Kumar in his address mentioned how the Equal Opportunity Cell of the College ensures a congenial atmosphere for its students where they feel equal. It provides them with a platform for inclusive academic interaction and for the growth of interpersonal relationships among the students stemming from various social backgrounds and special needs. The major aim of the cell is to sensitize the academic community regarding the problems associated with social exclusion as well as aspirations of the marginalized communities.

In his address he lauded the contribution of the Principal by mentioning his consistent support for the society and building new infrastructure for the persons with disability. This was followed by the Principal addressing the gathering, appreciating the Society’s efforts to help the differently-abled students by providing them with a suitable environment to grow.

Thereafter, the event proceeded with an inspiring talk by Dr. Sanjay Kant Prasad.  He began with a seminal statement that disability should not be used to term a person as disabled, instead one can use the term “person with disability” since an individual as a whole can never be disabled. He explained his role to enable the smoother functioning of the daily life activities and uninterrupted accessibility of all public places for people with disability.

His talk reiterated that it is the collective responsibility of us as a society to make all the places accessible for them and guard them against deep seated prejudices in our system. He provided the audience with an inspiring anecdote of his career about a child with autism whose father was in the army when he joined college.The army decided to help the father by providing him with a two year study leave so that he could stay with his child till he completed his college because the transfer was hampering the growth of the child.

At the end of his talk he mentioned Person with Disabilities Act 1995 which got amended to be later replaced by Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 emphasizing that the government is providing better facilities in public domain (buses etc.) for the persons with disability.

Mr. Ajeet Kumar (Convener)

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