Art and Craft Society

Arteysania- The Fine Arts and Crafts Society of ARSD College consistently endeavours to provide young and buzzing minds with the opportunities to portray their creativities. Art is an amalgam of the impressions which shapes thoughts and perspectives, and finds expression on some inanimate objects like a paper, and gives life to it. With the aim of creating that artistic bent of mind which enables students to see beyond their horizons, the society was revived in 2015-16 after about 30 years. Since then, under the able and empowering guidance of its conveners and the chief patron, the society has organised various competitions and events, including workshops, fairs, visits etc. The society has been one of the most active participants in competitions across Delhi-NCR and has made a household name for itself. The society continued with its performance even during the tough and trying times of the pandemic, with various in-house sessions, competitions, and its first annual festival Rangreza. The society strives for nurturing different styles and forms, with originality and imagination at focus, and will keep doing so in the future as well.

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