Activity Calendar

Activity Calendar
CALENDER 2022-23
July 2022Trees plantation Drive
August 2022Online sessions on Environment
September 2022Ozone day Celebrations
October 2022Session on Ozone day
Poster making competition on Ozone day
Online Essay writing competition
November 2022Slogan writing competition
December 2022Air Pollution Awareness Program
January 2023Winter Clothing Distribution Drive
Seminar on 'E-Waste Management '
Cleanliness Drive on Quadsia Ghat of Yamuna
February 2023River conservation Awareness Drive
Seminar on Cleanliness and Environment
March 2023Plantation Drive on International Day of Forests (March 21)
Seminar on World water day
April 2023Seminar & Celebration on World Earth Day
May 2023Workshop for Nest Making
June 2024World Environment Day Celebration
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