Activity Calendar

Activity Calendar
Activity Calendar
North East Welfare Society 2022-2023
July 2022 Mentoring Meeting with Society Members regarding Activity Calendar
August 2022 Planning of a series of lecture
September 2022 Industry experts lecture for students
October 2022 Meeting regarding organizing Lecture series
Guest Lecture for students
November 2022 Planning for Orientation/Talk for 1st year students
Orientation/Talk for students.
December 2022 Mentoring meeting
Brainstorming Session on the design of Society’s Logo
January 2023 Student-Faculty Member Meeting to organize Annual Festival of the Society "Rainbow"
February 2023Organizing Annual Fest
March 2023 Meeting for organizing Lecture series
April 2023 Meeting for organizing workshop
May 2023 Mentoring Session for Society Members
June 2023 Meeting to plan for next Lecture series
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