Social Project

The Finance and Investment cell in ARSD college has been founded by a few finance enthusiasts of third year, Economics department with the support and guidance of our Principal Dr. GK Jha and our faculty advisor, Dr. Apra Sinha. The department has 26 students in total out of which 10 are from economics dept. The dept. is headed by a third year economics hons. Student, Muskan Madhok. Social project department of FIC ARSD is its CSR initiative.

The aim of this department is to spread the financial benefits to the underprivileged section of the society. Increasing financial literacy among the people is another motive we strive for. The department has already started shortlisting the projects to work upon in the next semester. A survey was conducted at Satya Niketan slum by FIC ARSD students to analyze the financial needs of the community and to understand their financial condition. A team of 25+ students conducted the survey which was very successful as it helped us to choose our project for the upcoming semester.We’ll be conducting various campaigns and socio- entrepreneurial projects with the motive of “giving back to the society”.

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