Research Facilities

Research Facilities

Research is a transformative activity with the power to change the world. Through consistent transformation, we wish to broaden access to our college, maintain our excellence, and increase our social impact to contribute to a society of social justice and equal opportunities. We continue to strive towards our ideal of making a global impact in areas of local relevance through our research & innovation.

ARSD College promotes research activities by providing the necessary infrastructural set up to faculty and students at large scale. Several research labs have been established with the support of the college and external funding agencies. And our young faculties of different departments are continuously engaged in creating new knowledge through research and innovation.

Research Facilities

Department of Physics

Major Scientific Instruments: Sample Preparation Units (Solid state reaction route and Chemical route), Hydraulic Presses, Electronic Digital balances, Planetary Ball Mill, Automated Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer, LCR Meter, Distillation Unit, Automated Source Meter Units, hot air ovens, Vacuum Oven, High and low temperature muffle furnaces, High Temperature Tubular furnace, Spin coating units, Electronic Testing Units and Multimeters, Multifunctional printers along with desktops etc.

Department of Chemistry

Major Scientific Instruments: Schimadzu UV-VIS spectrophotometer Model UV-1800, Spin coating machine, Oven with vacuum, Ultrasonic Processor with probe, Ultrasonic bath, Muffle Furnace (1200oC), Microprocessor based Digital Water & Soil Analysis Kit, Rotary vacuum evaporator (Buchi type), Refrigerated circulator chiller, Research centrifuge (15000 rpm), Heating oven, Melting point apparatus, Desktop computer, Weighing balance, Magnetic stirrers with heating, Heating mantle, High pressure vacuum pump

List of Major Research Equipment’s:  Click Here
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