In-house Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation Projects’ Scheme

The aim of the in-house research and innovation projects scheme- PRABODH, is to promote the research culture in the College and encourage the involvement of teachers and students in research initiatives in areas that go beyond the curriculum boundaries to address real life challenges faced by the society, the nation and the world. Such research ingenuity is imperative to resolve collective problems in a more sustainable and efficient manner.

In order to give life to this purpose, the College is providing minor funding support to empower the faculty members, who are desirous of continuous engagement in research & innovation.

The Vision of the Scheme

PRABODH envisions to encourage the faculty members and students of different departments of the College to collaborate through interdisciplinary research and innovation work by utilising their field expertise.

Broad Objectives of The Scheme

  1. To generate enthusiasm in exploring new ideas/ basic innovative scientific questions and carrying them through by means of practical output.
  2. To promote the research and innovation environment in our ecosystem.
  3. To support application-oriented research to solve real-world problems.
  4. To focus on developing affordable innovations that can benefit a large section of society and at the same time be commercially viable and sustainable.
  5. To empower the PIs to generate additional financial support for their projects from external funding agencies.
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