Cafeteria- Forging students , leisurely!

What you eat is what you are ! A healthy  mind can only reside in a healthy body!

Inside the sprawling campus of the ARSD college , there is one cafeteria which caters to the need of students and staff members.The Cafeteria has a ventilated open kitchen for preparation of  food items. The staff maintains  utmost hygiene  at the food counters. The cook prepares a variety of purely vegetarian North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines to suit the tastes of all students. Management members  share the food of both mess & cafeteria regularly to ensure that there is no let down in the quality. The college canteen serves healthy and nutritious snacks, meals and beverages at reasonable prices  from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition to the canteen, the college has a kiosk run by Mother Dairy that supplies Ice-creams, Flavoured Milk, Butter Milk and Curd on most of the days for energy boost . The cafeteria has proper storage spaces for grocery  and dish washing area. Water supply for cooking and drinking purpose is from the  Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant. The cafeterias are very spacious in order to accommodate large number of students and also have comfortable sitting plan.The  ambience of the cafeterias is soothing  and relaxing that it tempt you to come here again and again. There is a  well-organized “coupon” system is followed in the cafeteria in which a coupon is bought from the main counter and this coupon is used to get the desired food item. The prices of the food items are fixed by the college authorities and are easily affordable by the students. The quality of food items is regularly monitored by the  Incharge  of the Canteen. The specialty of the cafeterias is its tea and coffee which are totally addicting and energising. College cafeterias are good enough for students to avoid purchases from shops outside the college. We at ARSD College believe that improvement is a continuous process. Complaints and suggestions if any are always welcome from the students for the improvement in services. For this the students can contact the Teacher Incharge of the Canteen directly. ARSD  College follows the mantra of “fun-learning” which is why it promotes studying along with great hangout experience !!!

Special Features

* Well manpowered cafeteria

* A hygienic catering

* Purified Drinking water

* Well equipped with modernized cooking appliances


Student counseling- Mentoring the budding minds !!

The college gives utmost priority to the counseling process  as many students  are first generation learners . Since there is a lot of  diversity  within the college community in terms of  differing socio-economic and educational attainments,  differing ethnicities, cultures and  student’s abilities, therefore it becomes imperative to have one active counseling unit to deal with students problems such as  peer pressure and intense competition among students which  sometimes can act as  a major hindrance in overall personality development .The unit provides assistance in all fronts whether emotional, behavioral, academic, social or other adjustment concerns.  Though at  ARSD  teacher-student bond  is very strong but to deal with young generation problems some kind of professional  interventions is necessary to help students to frame realistic goals. Regular workshops for career guidance are held by experts and specialists for the undergraduate students. The college also organizes sensitization programmes on mental health issues. The college also assist students in academics and career planning. The department faculty also assist students seeking advise, particularly in B.A. Programme wherein a large number of course combinations are on offer. The dilemma of choice is again visible when students select from options available for Generic Elective, Interdisciplinary, Concurrent courses, etc. On the very first day of the college each Department holds  Orientation day programme . The faculty contributes to the education and career advancement of students in a variety of ways. Students are always encouraged to discuss their plans related to higher study including research and their choice of career.The College offers guidance and counselling services of a professional Counselor twice a week. Regular workshops for career guidance are held by experts and specialists for the undergraduate students.

Equal Opportunity Cell-  Reducing inequities!!

The Equal Opportunity Cell of the college ensures that all students are treated as equal and attempts to address deep-seated inequalities in our system .The cell guides SC/ ST students too avail of all permissible scholarships and financial assistance. Our college has always ensured that physically challenged students do not get left behind in the learning process. The Equal opportunity Cell aims at facilitating students full-participation in the academic, intellectual, social and cultural life of the college and the society. The purview of Equal Opportunity Cell is restricted to removal of discrimination in education and employment in higher education institutions. The Equal Opportunity Cell tries to  ensure equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the college and bring about social inclusion  thereby achieving inclusive development. The cell strives its best to create a  congenial atmosphere for academic interaction and for the growth of  interpersonal relationships among the students stemming from various social backgrounds.. The major aim of the cell is to  sensitize the academic community regarding the problems associated with social exclusion as well as aspirations of the marginalized communities.

Medical Room- First –aid treatment!!

The college Medical room is staffed by a full-time nurse who provides immediate first-aid treatment in cases of slight infections and minor injuries and ailments. The medical room is furnished with a bed, primary medical equipment and basic medicinal facilities. A Sick Room with a medical bed alongwith necessary medical equipment is  available in the medical room which  includes Blood Pressure Machine, Glucometer, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinder, Glucose drip, etc.

Girls Common Room and Boys Common Room

To facilitate our female students, the College has established a spacious and comfortable common room.  This space has been designed to give female students a place to relax, study, have informal discussions in free time available. Female students appreciate this facility a great deal. The GCR is furnished with comfortable chairs and benches, Sanitary napkin vending machine, and a variety of indoor games such as Table Tennis, Ludo, Carom, Chess and Badminton. Boys common Room provides a relaxing space to the Boys of the college with facilities for recreation, team work and group activities. Facilities for games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, Hockey, Badminton, Football, and Cricket areavailable and the tools for the same can be obtained from the attendant on demand.

Atrium –  The Open Hall!!!!

Adjacent to the Girls Common Room and College Canteen is Atrium that is best utilized for play and musical rehearsals, educational activities, practice sessions and even board games. It is a large skylight covered space with adequate seating arrangement and scope for a variety of activities.

Sports- Nurturing the Agile Sportsmen !!!!

The industry today seeks not just knowledge workers, but action oriented leaders who adapt to changing situations with ease. At ARSD, the infrastructure has been designed with exceptional facilities for sports as well as recreational activities to ensure that agile players can be made champions.

Considering healthy body to be a pre- requisite for a healthy mind, ARSD College offers excellent indoor and outdoor sports facilities to its students. The facilities include cricket field, well maintained courts for basketball, volleyball, football, and badminton along with facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carom and chess. The open-air gym is a big attraction for health and fitness enthusiasts.



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