Awards & Recognition

Dr. Yogesh Kumar

  • Ranked world’s top two percent scientists released by Stanford University, USA and Elsevier BV in 2023.


Dr. Anjali Sharma Kaushik

  • Awarded IOE Fellow, DSPH, University of Delhi, June 2022
  • Indian Patent (Applied on 29 March 2023): Lithium Doped Potassium Sodium Niobate Thin Film Based Mems Pressure Sensor Monika Tomar, Anjali Sharma, Lokesh Rana, Reema Gupta, Shweta Sharma (Application No.- 202311023209)
  • Indian Patent (Applied on 10 January 2023): Lamb Wave Resonator Device For Pressure Sensing. Monika Tomar, Lokesh Rana, Reema Gupta, Anjali Sharma, Pradip K. Jha, Manisha Bharti, A. T. Nimal, Upendra Mittal (Application No.- 202311002112)
  • Indian Patent (Applied on 8 December 2022): Fabrication of Lamb Waver Acoustic Device using Potassium Sodium Niobate (KNN) thin films. A. T. Nimal, Upendra Mittal, Monika Tomar, Lokesh Rana, Reema Gupta, Anjali Sharma, Shweta Sharma, Manisha Bharti (Application No.- 202211070947)
  • Developed a Thermoelectric measurement set up for thin films and has transferred this technology to one industry M/s Optochem International.

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