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    Started my theatre journey under Rangayan!!

    Mr. Raj Kumar Rao, National Award Winning Actor

    I started my theatre career  from ARSD College in 2003 under the banner of Rangyan - The Dramatic Society of our college.  Under the convenership of Dr. Gyantosh Kumar Jha  presently the principal of ARSD College, I was given a chance to play a lead role in the play titled 'Ek Tha Gadha'. From there onwards I worked hard and over came each and every obsacle to achieve success in my life. I think that hard work is the key to success. Being given a chance , I think some of us would like to re live our college days and I happen to be one of those. I am proud to be an ARSDian....

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    Whatever I am today,credit goes to ARSD!!

    Satish Upadhyay, Ex. President Delhi Unit, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

    According to  my personal experiences, I believe that a school plays very important role to guide a student in the right direction in his life. After completing my school, I took admission in the North Campus of Delhi University but at that my primary concern was to look for the college which was closer to my home. Keeping that in my mind, I took admission in A.R.S.D. College. This proved to be a turning point in my life. Whatever I am today, whichever role I am playing today in the politics of India, the credit for shaping that personality of mine goes to the A.R.S.D. College and its eminent professors. The atmosphere that I got in A.R.S.D. College also worked in promoting the political capabilities within me. Today I have got an opportunity to share my experiences in this special issue for which I convey my sincere thanks to the A.R.S.D. College and its editorial committee. Thank you

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