About Us

Nimbus is the official English Debating society of ARSD College. Constituted in 2006,  and since then, it has been working constructively towards a dynamic and energetic debating environment in the campus.The focus of nimbus is to trigger the passion towards public speaking in those who have kept themselves away from this activity .It also focuses on building the confidence of its members, to get up and voice their opinion on any stage, in front of anyone , provided they have the zeal to work for it.During the last 5 years, the society has witnessed phenomenal growth in this field.Every year, we select a passionate lot of individuals through a round of auditions .We aim to train them not only for various formats of debating but public speaking in general.

From group discussions to conventionals and from MUNs to Youth Parliament, from JAM’s to Parliamentary debates, the society endeavours to prepare the members for almost every format of Debating.We hold regular sessions so as to keep our members updated in all forms of debating , and constantly motivate them to be better versions of themselves.Furthermore , here at Nimbus , there is no demarcation between the students on the basis of their college year, course or nimbus year. All students debate together on an equal platform – thus ensuring greater generation and sharing of ideas and offering constructive criticism wherever needed.


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