Help Desk for Students of ARSD College Stuck in PGs/FLATs in Delhi


Dear Students, the whole Nation is facing a very difficult time due to pandemic Covid-19. We the Indians are fighting unitedly against this epidemic. The students’ Union of ARSD College is standing firmly to help out our fellow students in need. We hope that every student is safe in their homes and are taking all the precautions, but if anyone is stuck in PGs/Flats, with limited groceries and supplies or Medical aid, and isn’t able to leave for their homes due to Nationwide Lockdown please feel free to contact us round the clock 24×7
We’ll try to help in whatever way possible. In any case please contact the following :
Dr G.K. Jha, Principal
Mr. Ashok, Convener, Students Union
Sh.Rajesh Makkar,S.O.(Admn.)
72909 77916
Mr Nishant Kumar, President
70152 69714
Mr Akash Yadav, Secretary
call 70987 46666

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