Dr. Anjali Sharma and Research Group have been granted Two Indian Patents for Gas Sensing Technology

In a landmark achievement for the realm of gas sensing technology, Dr. Anjali Sharma, alongside her esteemed research group, has been granted two Indian patents for their groundbreaking work. Their innovative approach promises to redefine the landscape of gas detection methodologies, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Dr. Anjali Sharma, a distinguished researcher known for her expertise in materials science and semiconductor technologies, leads a dynamic team of researchers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation. With a shared vision of addressing pressing societal challenges, Dr. Sharma’s research group has been at the forefront of developing novel solutions in the field of gas sensing.

Their latest breakthrough centers around the integration of external electric fields with metal oxide semiconductors, revolutionizing traditional gas sensing methodologies. This pioneering approach, born out of rigorous research and collaborative effort, introduces a paradigm shift in how gas detection is conducted.

The patents awarded to Dr. Anjali Sharma and her research group recognize their inventive step in optimizing gas sensing capabilities through the strategic application of external electric fields. Unlike conventional methods reliant on heating elements, their innovative technique offers enhanced sensitivity, selectivity, and energy efficiency across a diverse range of target gases.

This remarkable achievement not only underscores the ingenuity and dedication of Dr. Anjali Sharma and her research team but also highlights their commitment to driving meaningful advancements in scientific discovery. Their contributions are poised to make a transformative impact on gas sensing technology, opening new avenues for applications in environmental monitoring, industrial safety, and beyond.


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