Kalashree – The Indian Dancesoc of ARSDC is a society which performs various folk and classical dance forms. This society was established in 2017 to provide a platform for students with exceptional and extraordinary love and interest in the various dance forms of India. The society is filled with passionate and hardworking students who are always ready to face challenges. From Bhangra to Bharatnatyam, from Gondhal to Satriya, from Bihu to Kathak, you name it, they perform it all! Kalashree never fails to mesmerise the audience with their frenetic performances. They’ve successfully performed in several private and government colleges where they’ve proved their expertise and adroitness. Kalashree as a team never fails to showcase their team spirit and creativity. As a society, they wish to keep succeeding in their field and to gain more knowledge in the future through the opportunities they are provided with by the college

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