It is with great pride and pleasure that we submit Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College for consideration by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). A co-educational constituent college of the University of Delhi, ARSD College was established in 1959 by the Sanatan Dharma Sabha of Rawalpindi. While the fledgling nation found its feet, the College too underwent upheaval and transformation. Yet, the ability to adapt while holding onto one’s cultural identity, built into its foundations early on, held ARSD in good stead.

We are a NAAC-accredited A-grade institution and our NIRF All India Rank of 14 stands testament to this community’s dedication towards creating an educational ecosystem that is holistic and all-embracing.In the last five years alone, the College has gone from strength to strength, developing existing facilities to maximize their potential and keep pace with rapid shifts in the global economy. The College now has a Wi-Fi-enabled campus, an almost fully digitalized library, and is on its way to implementing more learner-centric pedagogic processes.

We are evolving into an excellent centre for research. Presently, apart from major and minor projects funded by various government departments and agencies, the, College has 11 Innovation projects and 7 projects under Star Innovation projects funded by the University of Delhi, involving close to 200 undergraduate students. Our students are thus given the opportunity to develop their higher thinking, reasoning, and writing abilities in a highly competitive and academic environment as well as publish their findings in reputed journals.Furthermore, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics are four College departments which are being funded by the Department of Biotechnology, GOI, under the opportunity of the Star College Scheme, attesting to the high quality of work being undertaken on campus. The establishment of the DBT Science Centre in addition to the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (CIEL) in collaboration with M/o MSME, a first for any University of Delhi college, showcases our commitment to research and innovation. We have been the recipients of several prestigious grants and are fast emerging as a hub of undergraduate research.

Along with imparting a sound education in line with the demands of the international job market, we are also endowing our students with the professional and vocational skills necessary to succeed in life.Apart from offering placement and internship opportunities via our Placement Cell, we also provide vocational training and short-term add on courses through our Skill Development and Entrepreneurial Cell.

The changes in progress are indicative of a larger desire to join a global community of progressive institutions. The aim of ARSD College is, therefore, to produce bright young minds in synergy with their ecosystem, maximizing their potential in an ethically sound manner. With joyful learning as our touchstone, and Excellence, Equity and Inclusivity as our founding principles, we strive to contribute to the creation of a knowledge society.

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