Internal Assessment Monitoring Committee

 Internal Assessment Monitoring Committee

The College ensures that internal assessment is transparent and the grievance redressal system is time- bound and efficient.

The College monitors the fair conduct of internal assessment at three different levels.

  • At the first level i.e. the subject teachers, after due evaluation of tests/assignments/projects, share feedback and remarks with the students. Adequate compensation for ECA and sports attendance is given to eligible students, as per University of Delhi guidelines. Grievances, if any, are resolved in the class itself. The faculty members duly compile the internal assessment for their respective papers and submit the same to the Teacher-in-Charge of the department. Thereafter, assessment marks are uploaded on the College portal which the students can verify and discuss with the respective teachers if there still are any issues.

  • At the second level, each department sets up a Moderation Committee to counter-check the Internal Assessment (IA) marks and ensure their correctness and fairness. Student grievances and other discrepancies related to compilation of the internal assessment are handled at this level as well.

  • Finally, at the College level, the entire Internal Evaluation process is facilitated by a College Monitoring Committee which manages the entire process in a fair and time bound manner and also redresses any grievances that may arise at this stage.

  • After satisfactory redressal of all grievances, students are asked to verify their internal assessment marks.

  • The Principal is the final authority in all internal assessment related matters and ensures adherence to all rules and guidelines as set by the University.

Committees for Internal Assessment Work-2022-23

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