Political Science

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Political Science (Our Department)

The faculty of the Department consists of young and enthusiastic teachers committed to creating a democratic academic culture in both English and Hindi mediums. The department of Political Science offers the most structured and meticulously designed course encompassing latest trends in global politics and changes at the domestic level. Besides familiarizing students with standard literature of the discipline, we also encourage our students to relate theoretical concepts to everydays life and social concerns. An honors graduate in political science has a wide range of career options, particularly in bureaucracy, media, law, management, NGO and, of course, teaching and research. The Department has formed a departmental association of students which is called REPUBLICA. This is one of the forums which provide a space to students to interact with eminent scholars and encourage innovative thinking. Faculty members are actively engaged in independent research and innovative practices. They regularly participate in national and international level seminars, workshops, conferences and colloquiums. Large numbers of them publish their works in Hindi and English.

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