PixElation:The Photography Society 


Who are we?

PixElation, the photography society of ARSD College began in the year 2017 and has flourished beautifully since. The members are enthusiastic learners and revel in the joy of photography as an art. Keeping a look out for beauty and meaning combined with creativity, PixElation is a tightly bonded society  where individual growth and contributions towards the college go hand in hand.

What we do?

From organising creative indoor sessions to photowalks and trips, PixElation does it all. In the past year, numerous sessions were organised within the college where often we sat and learnt the technical aspects of photography and then often where we tested these skills with a combination of our art within college premises.

A workshop was organised in collaboration with Nikon to go deeper into the depths of photography.PixElation doesn’t restrict the creative sight of it’s members to just college premises. Photowalks were organised to places like old Delhi where we roamed the streets and captured life in some of its truest ways.

The Annual PixElation Fest, Tasveer, took place in March and received a tremendous footfall in both online and offline competitions. The fest also included a beautiful exhibition showing the talent of the members.

What we aim to achieve?

PixElation, as a society, aims towards the betterment of its members through personal and professional growth and also aims towards the betterment of the college in everyway possible by showing what opportunities the college truly holds.

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