Fourth Edition of the ARSD Youth Conclave Organised

ARSD Youth Conclave has been committed to broadening horizons and expanding its legacy..
The Youth Conclave was held under the aegis of the English Debating Society-NIMBUS and aimed at engaging the student community on issues of critical importance with emphasis on finding substantive resolutions for the same.

With the Fourth Edition of the ARSD Youth Conclave on October 18-19, 2019 we commenced the conference with the same ardour calling in the respected Chief guest Mr. Siddharth Varadarajan, Guest of Honour Mr. Rahul Dev and the Principal of the college, Dr. Gyantosh Kumar Jha for the opening ceremony. Lightening of diyas was followed by exchange of ideas from our guests and the very pillar of the conference, our convenor, Dr. Shubha Dwivedi with the youth of the conference. The critical issues pertaining to the nation such as freedom of speech and expression were the main highlights of the discussion keeping in mind that the youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity. Followed by such transpose of ideas, Priyam Mahajan, the Secretary General of the conference and President of Nimbus, the English Debating Society of ARSD College declared the Conference Open.

The conference witnessed a great debate where each delegate was assigned a portfolio and a committee with a particular agenda to be debated upon beforehand. With the International Press covering the event, stipulating discussions started taking place in the National Defence Council, United Nations Human Rights Council, Economic and Social Council, All India Political Parties Meet and the Security Council which primarily focussed on analysis rather than plain statement of facts. Delegates came with in-depth research on the intriguing topics layered with their diplomatic skills and confidence, defending their stance. Rules and procedures were clearly informed by the Executive Board before the debate. The whole procedure provided vital insights to the delegates in the working of World Politics.
Debate followed for multiple sessions and soon it was time for the working papers or draft resolutions for the articulation of the solutions. After the whole process, closing ceremony took place with our esteemed guest Mr. Punya Prasoon Bajpai addressing about the importance of research and ideas in India with his satire. The much awaited prize distribution ceremony took place, followed by which the Secretary General- Priyam Mahajan declared the conference closed.