Can India be a five trillion dollar economy?

The Department of Economics in collaboration with the Finance and Investment Cell, ARSD College @ficarsd organised a seminar on 23 August discussing "Can India be a five trillion dollar economy?" We were honored to have Prof. Manoj Kumar Jha (MP, RS) as Chief Guest and Prof. Atul Sood (CSRD, JNU), Dr. Sukanya Bose (NIPFP) and Ms. Abantika Ghosh (The Indian Express)as Guests of Honor.
The panelists discussed that on one hand, we are sure to reach the numbers but whether we are looking forward to a stagnant $5tn economy in the present fiscal distress and what are the key assumptions that we are making. They also discussed the implications of deregulation of the economy and the fact that there is a lack of historical analysis for statistical figures. Dr Bose discussed that even though the services sector has been the driver of the economy, the finance sector had been the fastest growing sector which, due to few linkages with other sectors, leads to instability.The programme was welcomed by our Principal sir Dr Gyantosh Kumar Jha. The event started with the launch of Finance and Investment Cell (FIC) brochure.With the constant support of our senior faculties Ms Manju Pande(Teacher in Charge), Mr Ranjan Swarnakar and Ms Richa Suri the Department of Economics of ARSD college conducted this programme in which students from different colleges of University of Delhi came to listen our distinguished guests.

We are extremely thankful to National Book Trust ( NBT) for being a part of this seminar .The book exhibition by NBT exposed students to different kinds of social sciences mainstream text