BADLAAV: Ek Behtar Kal Ki Taraf

We take immense pleasure to announce  that Connecting Dreams Foundation ARSD Chapter in collaboration with NSS ARSD successfully organized a seminar on (Empowerment and inclusion of the Transgender Community) for all the students - BADLAAV: Ek Behtar Kal Ki Taraf.
The session was held on 27 August 2019.

The speakers were :
1.Reena Rai - Reena Rai is the founder and also the chairperson of the organization Transqueen India. She inspired students with her powerful words to bring awareness among students for the equality and empowerment of the transgender community.

2.Naaz Joshi - Dressed in an embellished lehenga choli, India’s Naaz Joshi recently created history by becoming the first transgender to win the Miss World Diversity title for the third consecutive year. She touched us with her persona and proved us that we can achieve anything in our life even if we have to face a lot of difficulties growing up.

3. Akash K Agarwal - Akash K Agarwal is an LGBTQ rights activist and also is an awesome Fashion Jewellery Designer at his profession. He talked about how, as an individual, we can bring change in our society through our actions.

4. Arpit Bhalla - Arpit Bhalla is a 21 year old LGBTQ activist who is currently an integral part of Pride Circle.

It's difficult, to sum up, the things we learnt today in a few words and what they told us about, but we can surely say that we have been touched by their words and we will lay the foundation of a better world for our people where everyone will be equally treated, loved and valued!
This workshop would not be possible without the presence of our principal sir, Dr Gyantosh Kumar Jha, our Convener Dr Anjani Singh, members and students who gave their full effort and presence in making this event a grand success.