ARTEYSANIA presented an Artwork on Independence Day

ARSD wore a tricolour look and 73rd Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show. Keeping the tradition going, Arteysania- The Art and Fine Crafts Society of the college, presented an Artwork, dedicated to Freedom and diversity of rich Indian Cultural Heritage. The Artwork was unveiled by the College Principal Dr.G.K.Jha at the Independence Day function, organised in the College premises on 14th August 2019. It was a teamwork of Sketching Artists, Painters, Calligraphers and Craftspeople.
The memories of 14-15th August 1947 were relived when the society member Somya Gauri read Pandit Nehru's Speech- Tryst With Destiny.
The speech was also calligraphed on Standee by Apoorva, a second year Pol.Sc(H) student.
The college notice board showed a Craftswork depicting opening of cage of Slavery and birth of Independent India. Students also depicted the year 2019, by painting Chandrayaan-2, an epic moment in Indian history.
The students were guided and mentored by Society Convener Dr.Charu Mathur and Dr.Anjali Gupta.