Arteysania gives the message of ‘Go Green’, this TEACHERS DAY

The students of Fine Arts and Craft Society, on the occasion of 131st birthday of Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, found a unique way of paying tribute to the former President as well as their Teachers. As the former President’s birthday on 5th September is popularly celebrated as TEACHERS DAY across the country, the students as a token of appreciation and gratitude to the relentless hardwork of the teachers, gave a sapling to all the teachers in re-cycled bottles.
The mementos were created from the used, waste bottles of milk shakes from Mother Dairy Booth of the College. As ARSD lays stress on ‘Culture of Conservation’, society Convener, Dr. Charu Mathur and Dr.Anjali Gupta, with the help of Sulabh Cleaners, collected 150 bottles, got them washed, cleaned and students gave them a new lease of life by Painting them and putting sapling in them.
At the Teachers Day function, Dr. Charu Mathur presented a Madhubani Painting, especially painted by society member Ms. Priya Jha to College Principal Dr. Gyantosh Kr. Jha. Dr. Anjali Gupta presented a sapling in a bottle with Principal Sir’s face on it. It was especially crafted by Ms. Nehal.
Dr. Jha and the staff members were elated with the mementos. They appreciated the novel concept of Go Green and Best out of Waste, projected by the Society.