Gandhi Study Circle, ARSD College, is dedicated to propagate and popularize Gandhian thoughts and principles among students and college fraternity to instill the values of satya, ahimsa and shanti. It provides an active platform to the students to learn Gandhian philosophy and going beyond mere promotion of Gandhian values. To achieve the stipulated objectives the Gandhi Study Circle organizes seminars, quiz competitions, peace marches, exhibitions, essay writing completions, observance on Gandhi Jayanti and Martyr’s Day, debates and discussions with eminent scholars such as Prof. Yogendra Singh, Prof. Anand Kumar, Prof. Abhijit Pathak, Shri Surendra Mohan, Prof. Anil Dutt Mishra, Dr. Kumar Prashant, Prof. Dinesh Singh, Prof. Dilip Simion etc., to establish the relevance of Gandhian thinking and philosophy in contemporary times.It encourages students to participate in the programmes organized other forums under the aegis of Gandhi Study Circle.

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