Activity Reports

Academic YearName of the Workshop/ seminar/ ConferenceReport of the Program
2020-21National Seminar on Kabir and Bhakti MovementView Report
2019-20National Seminar on Mohan das Karamchand Gandhi: Society, Politics and PhilosophyView Report
2018-19Inter-Disciplinary National Seminar On “Rahul Sankrityayan: Literature, History and Political Philosophy”View Report
2018-19Clio Calling 2019View Report
2018-19Talk on Modern, Modernity and Modernization: A Case of Modern JapanView Report
2018-19Talk on Neighborhood Trivia and Indecent Stories: Politicization of Hatred and Malice in Nazi GermanyView Report
2017-18National Seminar on “Political Cultures in India: Shifting Profiles”View Report
2017-18International Seminar on KABIR: Different PerspectivesView Report
2017-18CLIO CALLING 2018View Report
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