Department of History

Our Department

Although the Department of History was started in the founding year of the College itself i.e., 1959; for the first 10 years it was only offered as part of the erstwhile B.A. (Pass) course. Eventually realizing the growing demand for the discipline, History was introduced as an Honours course in 1969. Thereafter, by virtue of a stellar faculty’s endeavour and the matching enthusiasm of its students, this department has earned a name for being one of the most active and vibrant departments of this college.


Among the main aims of this department is inculcation of a historical and long-term perspective in the students and prepare them for a wider role in the society. To that end, we try to further enrich the class room experience by organising regular talks by eminent scholars, arranging for frequent trips to places of historical interest, conducting workshops, and also project based study tours. Our endeavour is not only to promote academic excellence but also to impart the necessary skills to enhance employability, towards which a variety of skill enhancement courses have been recently introduced to further improve the students’ prospects in the job market.

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