Green Campus: A Sustainable Ecosystem

Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College has been proactive in maintaining clean environment practices and promoting environmental consciousness among its students and staff. At a time when silhouettes of our everyday existence are determined by policies of environmental preservation, the College realizes the importance of instilling in its students a sense of responsibility towards environment, periodically sensitizing them through painting/essay competitions, plantation activities, documentary screening, and in situ visits at places like Yamuna bio-diversity park, etc.

Eco Club

To institutionalize environmental concern among all the stakeholders, the College, in collaboration with the Department of Environment, Government of National Capital Territory, has established the ARSD College chapter of the Eco Club. The Eco Club works to raise awareness about environmental concerns, undertakes tree planting initiatives and runs other public-interest campaigns related to clean, green methods. It also recycles waste paper.

Verdant Campus

College has variety and huge number of trees on the campus and therefore, campus is considered as a carbon sink for carbon sequestration. This woody vegetation is sequestrating of CO2 with the liberation of tons of oxygen annually. Thus, the campus is working as a good carbon sink and a productive oxygen park.

Forest area is space which is spread around the dense area near Herbal Garden and Commerce Department which produces enough oxygen around the campus and attenuates the noise level of the surroundings.


Gardening Committee


he College has a Gardening Committee which looks after the “green needs” of the campus. The responsibilities of the Committee, apart from maintaining the green cover in the campus, are to identify areas where tree plantation or development of lawns is possible, to decide on the nature of flora and to monitor various details of plantation. The verdant campus is a result of meticulous planning by this Committee. Their efforts have been recognised in the form of various awards conferred on them. The caretaker of the College, an experienced person with a Diploma in Sanitary Inspection, too helps ensure that the premises remain clean at all times. Gardens are watered by using a drip/sprinkler irrigation system to save water.

Waste Management

The College is practicing solid waste management. Twelve sets (green-blue) and 7 sets (green-red-blue) of garbage bins are installed at strategic locations across the campus. The College also has space designated as a Garbage Room. The garbage cart of South Delhi Municipal Corporation picks up garbage on a daily basis.

The College in its pursuit of management of degradable and non- degradable waste has entered into MoUs and other arrangements with various agencies such as Jaagruti Waste Paper Recycling Services and PomPom Recycling Private Limited. Chemical waste generated in Chemistry and Zoology laboratories is also segregated and disposed. A Paper Recycling Unit is in place to recycle waste paper.

Compost pit

As a testament to our commitment to sustainability the College has a 1260 square feet compost pit that serves as a central location for organic waste disposal, including food scraps, garden trimmings, and other biodegradable materials. Through the process of composting, these organic materials will be transformed into nutrient-rich soil amendments, which can then be used to enrich our campus gardens.

Green audit

The Green audit has been conducted since the last three years for solid waste, electricity and energy, water and wastewater, hazardous waste, air quality and green inventory including carbon sequestration and carbon footprints.

Rainwater harvesting

It has reserved an area of 358.4 square feet for rainwater harvesting unit along with a rain water storage tank of 4500 square feet. Ou College was the first to implement this project conforming to the guidelines of Central Ground Water Board.

Clean and Green Campus Recognitions

These actions have been validated time and again through felicitations and recognitions received by the Government and other external agencies such as the Green Campus award received from the Women’s Agency for Generating Employment (WAGE) in the year 2017 and the Clean Campus award received from the International Association of Educators for World Peace and Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU) in the same year.

In the year 2020, the college was recognised as the Swachhta Action Plan Institution by the Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), Ministry of Education, Government of India. In the year 2021, College received recognition for its exemplary performance in Swachhta Action Plan (SAP) Green Campus Initiative “One District One Green Champion” from the Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The College has been recognized as District Eco-SDG Champion 2023 with Outstanding Performance Grade ‘S’ for South-West Delhi district, Delhi for demonstrating its support to Sustainable Development Goals and Social Responsibility by conducting and showcasing several Eco-SDG and Skill Development activities, thereby contributing to national development.

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