Faculty Profile

Dr. Shubha Dwivedi

(Assistant Professor)

Department: English

Email ID:drshubhad146@gmail.com



Educational Qualification


  • 2007, D.Phil. on the topic “Greek Motifs in the Plays of T.S. Eliot,” Department of English & Modern European languages, University of Allahabad.
  • 2003, M. Phil., Department of English, University of Delhi.
  • 2002, U.P. SLET (Accredited by U.G.C.).
  • 2001, M.A. in English Literature (66.33%), University of Allahabad (University Topper)
  • 1999, B.A., (76.4%), University of Allahabad (University Topper)


Career Profile

  • Teaching Experience: 15 years (Approx.)
  • Assistant Professor, (Permanent), Department of English, ARSD college 
  • June 2015-till date

Assistant Professor,(Ad-hoc) Department of English, ARSD College, University of Delhi.

  • August 2010-June 2015

Academic Coordinator, English Language Proficiency Course, ARSD College, in collaboration with ILLL, University of Delhi, Delhi.

  • October 2006-July 2010

Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Amity University, Noida.

  • July 2004-October 2006

Visiting–Faculty (English), Department of Humanities And

Social Sciences, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad.

  • August 2003-March 2004

Guest lecturer, Prayag Mahila P.G. Degree College, Allahabad.

  • August 2004-March 2006

Guest Lecturer, Department of English & Modern European languages, University of Allahabad, Allahabad.

  • 2004-2006

Academic Counsellor, Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad.

  • 2003-2006

Academic Counsellor, Under Graduate & MEG courses of English in IGNOU, Allahabad.

  • 2002-2003

Guest Lecturer, Department of English, Laxmi Bai College, University of Delhi, Delhi.

  • 2002-2003

Guest Lecturer, NCWEB, University of Delhi, Delhi.


Areas of Specialization / Interest

Twentieth Century Drama, Indian Literature in English, Women’s Writings, American Literature, Translation Studies: Theory & Practice

Subjects Taught

Indian Classical Literature, American Literature,Twentieth Century Indian Writing (i) &(ii),Forms of popular Fiction (i) & (ii) , Paper VI(Swift, Johnson. Goldsmith, Gray),Paper VIII (Byron, Shelley, Keats) , Paper VII (T.S.Eliot, Osborne, Beckett), D.H. Lawrence, Business English ,Technical Writing & Communication, Concurrent and Discipline courses in English, Translation & Interpretation

Research Projects (Major Grants/Research Collaboration)

Assistant Investigator in DU Star Innovation Project-SIP 05  "Re-inventing Select folk Theatre Forms of North and East India: Towards a New Idiom of Contemporary Theatre"

Publications Profile

  • Book review of Jaydeep Sarangi'sletters in lowercasein Sahitya Akademy's Bimonthly Journal- Indian Literature,July-August 2022, Issue 330
  • Book Review of Rati Saxena'sThe Fist Which Opensin Sahitya Akademy's Bimonthly Journal- Indian Literature, March-April 2022, Issue 328
  • "The Voice of the Subaltern in Kabir's Poetry,"Literary Oracle, Authors Press ,Vol. 4 Issue 1, May 2021, ISSN 2348-4772.
  • Published a paper titled "Feminism and Travelogue: Approaching Rahul Sankrityayan's Works for Contemporary Relevance" inAdhigam.Volume: 19, Uttar Pradesh, Prayagraj: State Institute of Education, June 2021 ISSN 2394-773X.
  • Published a poem titled "Anamnesis" inOtherwise Engaged: A Literature & Arts Journal Volume 6, Winter2020 Quarantine Edition II Edited & compiled by Marzia Dessi, pp. 217
  • "Susheel Sharma'sUnwinding Self: A Timeless Testimony to A Poet's Perspective"Dialogue: A peer reviewed Bi-annual Journal, Volume XVI, No. 1&2, June & Dec 2020, pp.29-41, ISSN 0974-5556.
  • English translations of Contemporary Hindi poems (From original Hindi written by Manjula Bisht and Mr. Kuldeep Kumar) Published inConspectus:A Journal of English Studies (An International Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal) published by St. Thomas College, Thrissur, Vol. 14, 2020 ISSN 0973-0990
  • English translations of Hindi poems composed by Trilochan, Bhagwat Rawat, Kumar Vikal inKavya Bharti: The Study Centre For Indian Literature In English & Translation, No.33;2021 ISSN 0975-3559
  • "Cosmic Beckonings in the Poetry of Manas Bakshi." Dialogue-A peer reviewed bi-annual journal, Vol.17,No.1-2, Published 25 December 2021.
  • "Pandemic Narratives of Re-dreaming and Self-becoming,"Journal of Literature, Culture & Media Studies, 2020, Vol. 24; ISSN 0974-7192
  • A Book review of the anthologyThe Door Is Half Open by Susheel Kumar Sharma, published inPoints Of View, Vol.XIX, No2, Winter 2012.
  • "Feminine Consciousness inA Thousand Splendid Suns".Journal of Culture, Literature and Criticism: Special Issue on Contemporary Fiction, MNNIT, Allahabad, Issue I, April 2010.
  • "The Myth of ‘The Indian Woman' andThe Thousand FacesOf Night" Creative Writing and CriticismVol. VII No.1,October 2009.
  • "Flowers and Broken Images: Exploitation of Bhana tradition."Creative Writing and Criticism.Volume V, No.2,April 2008.
  • "From the Core Within: the voice of a sensitive soul".Bricks and Bouquets.New Delhi: Creative Publisher, 2008.
  • "The Poet as Critical Insider".Poet Mahendra Bhatnagar :His Mind and Art New Delhi:Vista International Publishing House,2007
  • "Lacan on Hamlet: An Assessment." Pp.245-255Spectrum Of British Literature. Ed. K. A. Agrawal. Jaipur: Book Enclave,2005
  • "Reinventing RichardII Through Exit The King" pp.207-222Spectrum Of British Literature. Ed. K. A. Agrawal. Jaipur: Book Enclave,2005
  • "Contemporary Poets in India"Critical Studies On Dr. Simanchal Patnaik's Poetry.Gandhi Nagar, Berhampur, Sarla Publications, 2001.
  • "The Importance Of Kazuyosi Ikeda"Titiksha:The International Journal Of Culture ,Literature And Criticism.1(2002): 25-31.
  • "Robert Frost As A Poet Of Democracy"Poetcrit.Vol.xvi,Jan 2003,No.1
  • "Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman: A Feminist Narrative of Self-Discovery".Mandakini-2002-2003 vol.2.
  • "To be or not to be" Question of Professional Woman in the Novels of Shashi Deshpande.Zenith:A literary Magazine. Vol. VIII 2002-2003, Dept. of English, A.P.S. University of Rewa.
  • "Feminine Sensibility in Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman"Writer'sExpression. April-June2003, Vol.I
  • English translations of Muktibodh's. "The Void" and Agyeya's "Hiroshima" published inPoetcrit, Vol.XVI July 2003, No.2.
  • "An Interview with Prof. Indira Goswami". Noted Assamese Writer and Sahitya Akademi award winner (2002).Creative Writing And Criticism,vol.1 Number 1 Sikandarabad, October 2003.
  • "Round Things": A Derridean Interpretation (considered the best essay of the month) inPOETS INTERNATIONALNo.8 Vol.20.
  • "Prison Chains And Ngugi's Consciousness Of The Self In Detained".Poetcrit.Vol.XVII, July2004.
  • "Bunty And The Loss Of Garden". Zenith. Vol-IX (2003-2004)Department of English, A.P.S.University, Rewa.
  • Translations of Hindi poet Muktibodh's poems in English."Samvad".Vol.III , July 2004.
  • "MACBETH Revisited through MACBETT".Creative WritingAnd CriticismVol.I Number2, April 2004.
  • "Sushil Kumar Sharma: From The Core Within: A Critical Review". Helicon Views.Vol.IX , No.1, 2005.


Conference Participation / Presentations

  • Translations Published in Samkaleen Bhartiya Sahitya, Hans, Kavya Bharti, Conspectus and Poetcrit
  • Stories and creative writings published inpopular hindi magazineSarita
  • Contributed Chapter/Unit on "Hark into the Future" for the course BEGE 146 Soft Skills for IGNOU-the People's University.
  • Worked as Expert for ECA admissions 2021-2022, DU underDebatecategory
  • Convenor/Member of the Paper setting Boards for different courses and papers
  • Official peer reviewer / Associate editor Journal of Literature, Culture, & Media Studies Vol. XI, & XII Issues- 21-24 2019-2020 combined
  • Review Editor, Dialogue: A peer reviewed and refereed journal, June 2022
  • Assistant editor, Creative Writing & criticism: An International Bi annual journal of English Studies, Sikandarabad, From 2003 to 2015. ISSN 0975-2390
  • Chief Editor for the college Magazine Udayachal 2019-2020
  • Chief Editor, Nimbus Souvenir 2019-2021
  • Associated with the Star Innovation Project(Co-Investigator)ARSD SIP-05onRe-inventing Select folk Theatre Forms of North and East India: Towards a New Idiom of Contemporary Theatresponsored by Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi from 2016 till 2019.
  • A diploma in Journalism
  • Worked as a casual Compeer and drama artist atYuva Vani cellin Akashwani A.I.R. Allahabad.

Administrative Assignments

· Member,Technology Business Incubation Centre at ARSD College since 2021

· Member,Organizing Committee for Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 2021-2022

· Member, Anti-Ragging Committee 2021-2022

· Member, Organizing Committee, Two week online Interdisciplinary Refresher Course on the Quintessential Educator- Challenges and Opportunities in the Changing world 23 August-06 September 2021

· Member, College Managing Committee (Department Nominee)2021-2022

· Member, Discipline Committee 2021-2022

· Member, Organizing Committee, Interdisciplinary Refresher Course on Cinema, Society & Education from April l6-19 2021.

· Chief Editor, Nimbus Souvenir 2020-2021

· Teacher-in-Charge. Dept of English, 2020-2021

· Member, Admission Committee, 2020 -2021

· Member, Academic Planning Committee. 2020-2021

· Chief Editor, College Magazine Committee 2019-2020

· Chief Editor, Nimbus Souvenir 2019-2020

· Convenor, English Debating Society, Nimbus 2019-2020 & 2020-April 2022

· Convenor, Admission Committee B.A. Programme- 2018-2019

· Member, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan Committee, ARSD College (2019-2020)

· Convenor, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan Committee, ARSD College 2017-2018 & 2018-2019

· Editor English Section, College Magazine- Udayachal 2017-2018

· Member, Girls’ Common Room Committee 2017-2018 & 2018-2019

· Member, Popular Lecture Series 2017-2018

· College Prospectus 2014-2015 (Member)

· Information Booklet 2013-2014

· Information Booklet 2014-2015

· Member of the Sub-Committee For NAAC Peer Team Visit (Member) 2015

· Programme Coordinator at the One-Day Sensitization Workshop on “Substance Abuse, Youth And Higher Education” held on 01 November 2017 at ARSD college in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defence.

· Was one of the Programme Coordinators at the One Day Sensitization Workshop on ‘Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Youth’ held on 18 September 2017 at ARSD College in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defence.

· Academic Coordinator, English Language Proficiency Course, ARSD College, in collaboration with ILLL, University of Delhi, Delhi.

Other Activities

  • Associated with the Star Innovation Project (Co-Investigator) ARSD SIP-05 on Re-inventing Select folk Theatre Forms of North and East India: Towards a New Idiom of Contemporary Theatre sponsored by Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi since 2016 till now.
  • Participated in a workshop on Plain English organized by the Department of English Studies and Modern European Language, University of Allahabad in collaboration with The British Council.
  • Participated in All India N.S.S. Republic Day Parade (Jan1999), New Delhi.
  • Attended a month-long workshop in Journalism from Gandhi Bhawan, Allahabad.
  • Worked as a casual Compeer and drama artist at Yuva Vani cell in Akashwani A.I.R. Allahabad.