Faculty Profile

B.A. Hons. English, M.A.English and Ph.D IN English  Literature. 


Dr. Prerana Sinha, has been working as an English, Faculty, at ARSD College for two decades and her Ph.D is on  “The Art & Ideology of Vikram Seth: A Critical Study”, and a book entitled, “Vikram Seth: The Suitable Writer” Her interest has been in teaching and researching on  Diaspora/Postcolonial Writers. Besides, Partition Literature alongside Disability literature, added to interest in films and the adaptations have inspired her to write research papers too in these fields and publish in many Peer Reviewed, UGC Care, Open Access journals. Recently she has attempted a Book Review on a Diaspora Studies Writer published in International, Peer Reviewed, UGC listed, Scopus, Web of Science, Indexed Journal. Due to her penchant in expanding her horizons, she has conducted National Seminars on “Trees and Literature” and on Disability Literature, which has inspired an International Journal, published recently and an edited book, simultaneously, due to be completed shortly. The current International Conference on reflections on Anthropocene at IIT Patna I have found as another novel and thought provoking subject to explore.






Educational Qualification

B.A. Hons in English. M.a. in English Literature  from Patna University

Ph.D  from Magadh University IN English Literature.

Career Profile

I have entered Academia with the aim of relentless motive to steer ahead thereby expanding horizons of learning by incorporating not just the Canonical but the non-canonical literature, for, any progress of mind and matter is possible only through the amalgamation of Tradition as well as modernity; this is my firm belief and I adhere to it. As a teacher, I have always tried to impart knowledge to my students through motivation, affection and i try not to leave any stone unturned in satisfying their curiosity and their urge to move ahead in life. of course, I do have a few articles to my credit which I wrote only when i felt motivated to do so.

Other than publishing a few papers and a book and taking up new and challenging texts/courses I have also taken some Tutorial Classes of M.A. Previous and Final students of Delhi University students, I have also taken Counselling sessions of IGNOU M.A. students. In addition I have also taught students of SOL, Open Learning, D.U. at the undergraduation level.

I now have experience of counselling IGNOU M.A. classes of 10 years from 2014 till date.

I have taken Tutorial classes of M.A. Previous as well as Final of D.U. students in the last decade.


1. Attended FDP National on “New Paradigms in Teaching and Learning English” of 7 days, from August 23 to 28, 2021.  2. Another FDP for 2 weeks on Indian Knowledge Systems in contemporary  Education and practices from 5th to 19th November, 2020.

 2. Next one was  “Various aspects of Cinema studies” for 7 Days from 21st to 27th September, 2020. 4. Also attended International Workshop for 7 days on “English Language,  Teaching and Literature: Current Issues, Trends and Challenges” from  8th July to 14th July, 2020.

3.  Completed 1 WEEK NATIONAL FDP, “Communication., Creative Writing and Personality Development” jointly organized by University of Delhi and Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre, SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi, under PMMMMNMTT of Ministry of Education from 27th October, 2022 to 3rd November, 2022.

4. Attended FDP from 21st Aug to 27th August, 2023 on Life Skills Management from Shobit University Gangoh.


(1)   from 27th September 2021 to 8th October, 2021 on “Trajectories of Popular Culture and Globalization”, organized by PGDAV College, D.U.

(II) from 1st Feb, 2022 to 8th Feb, 2022, participated in Online Short Term FDP on “Research Paper Writing and Publishing for Scopus and UGC Care Journal” for 7 Days, under FDP, UGC HRDC, PMMMNMTT.


Attended Refresher Course on 'Folk Narratives in India" of 2 Weeks in October 2023 held at ARSD College. 


Areas of Specialization / Interest

I have always enjoyed exploring Contemporary Literature, especially Indian Literature as well as some of 17th & 18th century Dramas ,also travel books of this period. Modern European Drama has been my area of specialization, while in the recent years i have developed interest in some of Indian and Classical Literature as well. 

in the last decade  I have developed interest in Diaspora Literature and Globalization, Hindi Cinema and Partition literature Owing to interest in Diaspora writers I have written on Vikram Seth, Jhumpa Lahiri, Aravind Adiga while her interest in films and their adaptations have enabled me to research extensively.

Subjects Taught


Other than the areas of specialization specified, I have enthusiastically and innovatively taught subjects like Business Communication, Technical Writing, Creative Writing to students of various streams and levels and also courses prescribed for B.A(prog) students,18th century literature, Diaspora and Partition literature, World  literature, 19th century European Realism,Translation Studies.


19th century literature, to M.A. Final,18th century European Comedy, Indian and Greek literature,  and Medieval Literature


Publications Profile

Authored a book Vikram Seth, The Suitable Writer: A Critical Study, in the year 2007 by Creative Books, Naraina, New Delhi. Subsequently, this book was recommended for bulk purchase by CIEFLL Lucknow. 181 copies were sent to several libraries across the country.

Published some papers in literary journals of repute, two on Vikram Seth,based on his novels and poetry.

another on Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger and a recent one on Jhumpa Lahiri's  The Lowland.

Besides, i wrote a number of articles for the College Magazine on a regular basis. 

Several papers have been written and published too in reputed Jjournals and Books TILL 2022·      

  • Chapter entitled “(Dis)located Diaspora: Mapping Travels, Writing(Hi) Stories” published in UGC approved Journal, Cosmos Impact Factor 5.210, ISSN-L0537-1988, 56, in The Indian Journal of English Studies, An Annual Refereed, vol. LVI, 2019, edited by Chhote Lal Khatri.
  • Another article entitled, “Verbal verisimilitude of Vikram Seth in his epic Novel A Suitable Boy” published in UGC approved Journal of the Oriental Institute, ISSN: 0030-5324, Vol. 51, Issue 01, No.01, Jan-March, 2022.
  •  Research paper entitled, “Guru Dutt an auteur or an existentialist: A Critical Evaluation of his Art” 
  • published in Hans Shodh Sudha, (Hansraj college) vol x, Issue x,(xxxx), pp xx-xx, January to March, 2022.

Publications in 2022-23

  •    A Research article entitled Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger, the Novel and its  Adaptation: A Re-interpretation of India on the Global Map, was published by South Asian Literature: Expansions and Explorations, Udanayan Publications, Delhi, ISBN : 978-93-91467-03-6, in the month of June, 2022.
  •  Chapter entitled, India in Sadat Hasan Manto and Intizar Husain’s Partition Tales, published in IJRAR 249744, 7.17 Impact Factor, International Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal, Open Access Journal, Indexed Journal E-ISSN 2348-1269, P-ISSN 2349-5138, July, 2022. •         
  • Chapter entitled Two adapted Hindi Films, Teesri Kasam and Omkara: A Study of Transcreation of Disparate Social Milieu, published in IJCRT, 226084, International Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journals, Open Access Journal, 7.97 Impact Factor, ISSN: 2320-2882. October 2022.
  •  Research Article on Sahitya and Cinema: Filmikaran of Phanishwarnath Renu’s Works’, published in Vol.3, Issue 1, Hansshodh Sudha in November, 2022.
  •  Chapter entitled Fasting and Feasting: A Novel by Anita Desai on Gender on the Margins, was published in Women in Literature: For The Women or By The Women’, edited by Shivani Vashisht, Authorspress, 2023, March, ISBN 978-93-5529-737-2.

  Publications of 2023 

  • Paper published entitled, “The Folk Cultural & Living Heritage of Madhubani Art, Home and Abroad: A Critical Analysis”, jointly written by Dr. Prerana Sinha in The Research Post, Special Issue, Trees and Literature: Varied Paradigms, 2023 January, June, Vol 6, No. 1, pp 42-47, published by International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities,  a Biannual double blind peer-reviewed Journal.
  •  Paper published entitled Gendered Disability Discourse: Representation in Select Bollywood   Films”, www.ijcrt.org © 2023 IJCRT | Volume 11, Issue 8 August 2023 | ISSN: 2320-2882, International Peer reviewed Open Access Journal.
  •  Paper published  “Why Kota Kills? A Critical Analysis Of Mental Illness Through Select Bollywood   Films” by Ijrar.org,@2023, 274305, UGC approved Journal number by UGC 43602.
  •  Paper published, “OTT Platform, the Middle Class Milieu, And The Women:  A Critical Foray Into The  Films”, in Lapis Lazuli: An International Literary Journal (ISSN 2249-4529 )  Vol. 13, No. 2, AUTUMN, 2023.
  • Paper published, “Gender and Sexuality: The Overlap as seen in Media and Cinema Today”, in         Hansshodh Sudha, Vol.4, Issue 2, 2023.

                                           EDITING AND BOOK REVIEW

  1. Edited Journal with Dr. Rosy Sinha, and Dr. Nandini Sen, The Research Post, Special Issue, Trees and Literature: Varied Paradigms, published by International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities,  a Biannual double blind peer-reviewed Journal on2023 January, June, Vol 6, No. 1.
  2. Joint Editor with Dr. Nandini Sen (first name) and Dr.Rosy Sinha in the Journal , The Research Post, Special Issue, Trees and Literature: Varied Paradigms, 2023 January, June, Vol 6, No. 1, published by  International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities,  a Biannual double blind peer-reviewed Journal.
  3. Did a Book Review,  entitled, Diaspora in Translation and Decolonization, written by Ipek Demir, published in the book Diaspora Studies,  Vol.17, Issue 1,  on 17th Jan 2024.  
                                          CHAPTERS PUBLISHED IN BOOKS

       1.  Published chapter entitled   


“Aravind Adiga’ s The White Tiger: The Novel and its adaptation: A Re-interpretation of India on the Global Map”  published in 

 South Asian Literature: Expansions and Explorations, ISBN 

ISBN: 978-93-91467-03-6 by Upanayan Publications, Delhi, 2022 March.

2. Chapter entitled 

“Fasting and Feasting: A Novel by Anita Desai on Gender on the Margins” published in book  Women in Literature: For the Women or by the Women, published in 

Authorspress  New Delhi, 2022, December, 

ISBN 978-93-5529-737-2










Conference Participation / Presentations

1.Recently I presented a paper at Zakir Husain College at a UGC sponsored National Conference entitled

Imagining The Indian Popular: Globalisation and its discontents, held on 3-4th April, 2016. The sub-theme of my paper was Contesting the Popular/Classics in the Global Era.

2. I presented another paper on another UGC sdponsored National Conference entitled  Revisiting Shakespeare in the 21st Century, being held at IIT Patna on 15-16 sept, 2016. The sub theme of my paper is Power and Gender in Shakespeare's Plays.

• Presented paper on “Silence on the subaltern and marginalized in Partition stories of Manto”, in the National Seminar organized from 23rd to 24th October, 2019 at Lakshmibai College, D.U.

.• Presented paper on "Resistance and Assimilation: A Critical Study of Zoya Akhter’s Gully Boy( 2019) and Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger (2008) in the International Conference on “Resistance and Assimilation: Voices of the Subalterns” on 30th January 2020, organized by MRIIRS, Faridabad

.• Presented paper entitled “Literary Studies and Globalization: Marginalized in Literature Identities/Cultures" in the International Conference on "Languaging and TranslatingWithin and Beyond” organized by IIT Patna from 21st to 23rd February, 2020.

1.  Presented paper  entitled .“Gendered Approach to Disability through Cinema and Media”  in   Interdisciplinary International Conference,  1st World Disability Conference“Contemporary Interventions in Disability Discourse” organized by  Enabling unit,Maitreye College (D.U.) & Divyang Employees’ Welfare Association India from 24th to 27th April, 2022.

2.  Presented paper entitled “Un/ De- Presented anothe rpaper entitled "Gendering  in Recent Films Badhai Do and Badhai Do" in RUSA sponsored 2 Days, Virtual International  Conference from 27th to 29th April, 2022, organized by Deptt. Of English Patna Women's College.
 3. Presented paper entitled "  “Disability and Gender Discourse: Representation in Select Bollywood Films”  at a National Seminar " “Shifting Contours of Representation of Disability” on    17th March, 2023 organized by Deptt. of English, Dev nagar, Khalsa College, D.U.
4..Presented another paper entitled “Representation of Disability  Discourse  in 18th century Travel Book by Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels on March 20,,2023, in National Seminar, "From Disabled Bodies to Able Subjects"   organized by Department of English, Zakir Husain evening College, D.U.











Administrative Assignments

I have been member of Staff Management Council for two sesssions, 2013-14 & 2014-15 and have actively participated in its meetings and duties assigned.

In the year 2015-16, I was also assigned the role of one of the convenors of DUSU Elections held in our College which I delivered with full sincerity and agility. 

I have also been part of Internal Assessment Monitoring Committee for two sessions, 2013-14 and 2014-15.


1. I have been the Convenor  of English Newsletter SYNERGY from 2016 to 2023.

2. I was also  the Convenor of English Seminar from 2016-2018 and from 2021- 2023 where I got the privilege of organizing a number of National Seminars like "Hindi Cinema in 1970s in collaboration withFilm Appreciation Society in 2017", "  Diaspora Literature" in 2018 August where Pof Kavita Sharma(ex-Principal Hindu college) and Prof Kapil Kumar (Professor, IGNOU) were the honorable speakers.

  I organized another Seminar in Jan, 2019 on ‘Modernism and Modernizing Cities’ where Prof. Sumanyu Satpathy (Retd. Head, Eng Deptt.D.U.) and writer Mr. Anand were the resource persons.

In the year 2019, next session, in my capacity as English Association Incharge, I organized  workshop on “Gender and Popular Culture”, and the resource person was Prof. Prem K.Srivastava. (D.U. College, deptt of English), in August month.

 Dr. Anamika, reputed Poet and bilingual writer was also invited over a Poetry competition where she interacted with students over writing poetry, and be bilingual.

Betweenn 2021 to 2022 session a number of eminent speakers were invited in the online mode to engage with students.

  •   In the year 2021, 2 Talks were organized, 2 speakers were invited to interact online. First speaker, Dr. Mukuta Bohra, English faculty, Sharda University, addressed students and colleagues on a discussion over Assam ULFA terrorists whose memoir she had translated. Second speaker was Saima Afreen, pursuing Ph.D in Creative Writing in U.S. University who engaged  with students online on writing creatively and answered several queries of questions.
  • ·       In 2022, 22nd  February a National Seminar was organized on “Literature and Disability: New Paradigms” , where 4 eminent speakers were invited over. Prof. Anil Aneja, present Head, deptt of English gave the inaugural speech, while Prof. GJV Prasad (former Head,  School of Humanities, JNU) was the keynote speaker; this was followed by Prof. Banibrata Mahanta (Deptt. Of English, BHU.). Last speaker was Dr. Priyanka Tripathi, School of Humanities, IIT Patna). 

  • ·       In 2022,  March 4, Dr. Mudita Mohile, Senior English faculty from D.U. College delivered a Talk on “Language and Power in Sudraka’s Mrichchhkatikam that was an interactive session based on a classical literature text.



1.The English Association in collaboration with the IQAC organised a talk by Prof. Jyotirmaya Tripathy, HOD, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Madras on "Postgraduate academic opportunities at IIT Madras" on the 23rd of September, 2022.

2. Further,the English Department was honored to have Prof. Anuradha Marwah for a workshop cum seminar on NEP Designed SEC Course Creative Writing in English on November 22, 2022’.

3. On 18 Jan Ms Kalyanee Rajan conducted a workshop Communication and Personality Development.

4. On 14th March, Prof Navleen Kaur conducted a Seminar in blended mode on Understanding Disability Literature.


A 2-DAY NATIONAL SEMINAR  “TREES AND LITERATURE: DIFFERENT PARADIGMS” held on 18th-19th April, 2023 Sponsored by ICSSR, was organized by ARSD College, University of Delhi &The Seminar Committee, Department of English, under the aegis of Internal Quality Assurance (IQAC), under  my convenorship.   8 eminent Speakers   were invited over while around 120 spectators attended the seminar on both the days.                








Other Activities

1   Paper setting: In the year 2011, I was appointed by the University Authorities as Member of the Board of Paper Setters to set the Question papers in English PaperI -- The Individual & Society: Essays, stories& Poems of B.A.( Prog.)  Semester-I Part-I(NS) Examinations to be held in Nov/Dec 2011 &April/May 2012.

2. The subsequent year 2012, I was appointed as Member of the Board of Paper Setters to set the Question paper     Technical Writing in English for students of B.Sc(Prog) Semester-I, Part I, Examinations to be held in Nov/Dec 2012.

2.Edited College Magazine in the session 2011-12.

3. Did compering for Alumni Meet, twice and Sports Day too.

4. Also organized Literary Fests in the last three years for students of English Department.

5. In addition took students of our deptt on trips, once to Jaipur and last year to Kullu Manali

6. Was Convenor of Creative Writing in English  Question paper in July 2022 exam.

Was Member of Question Pper setting in the years

(1) 2021 Dec of European Classical Literature Exam. Sem 1, Hons.

(2) 2023 June " 18th Century British Literature" , Sem 4, Hons.

(3) 2024 March, "literature and Disability", sem 6 Hons.

PROVIDED LORs  to several students in the last 3 YEARS.