Faculty Profile

Dr. Nimalini Moirangthem

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
E-mail : nimalinim@gmail.com, nima_moirangthem@rediffmail.com

Educational Qualification

  • RA (CSIR) for 3 years & 5 months at Manipur University (MU/WJ-CSIR/EMR-II/2011-010)
  • Ph.D from Manipur University (2011) Supervisor: Prof. L. Warjeet Singh, Dept. of Chemistry, Manipur University Topic: Synthesis of substituted and fused pyrimidine derivatives having extensive biological properties.
  • M.Sc (Chemistry), Manipur University, Manipur (2003), I Division
  • B.Sc (Chemistry Hons), Imphal College, Manipur University (2000), I Division
  • XII Class, Imphal College, COHSEM, Manipur(1996), II Division
  • X Class, Nirmalabas H/S, Imphal, BOSEM, Manipur(1994), II Division
Career Profile

  • TEACHING EXPERIENCE: 1 year (Approx.)
  • Two semester at ARSD College, University of Delhi 
  • One semester at Rajdhani College, University of Delhi.
Publications Profile

  1. "Chromium(III) chloride catalyzed one-pot synthesis of pyrimidine-2-thiones from arylidines and thioureas", Nimalini D Moirangthem & Warjeet Singh Laitonjam, Indian Journal of Chemistry., 2009, 48B, 1023-1026.
  2. "A facile indium mediated synthesis of protected and unprotected [1-(hydroxyl methyl)vinyl] alkanols", Nimalini D Moirangthem, Bhavna Thingom & Warjeet Singh Laitonjam, Indian Journal of Chemistry., 2009, 48B, 455-459.
  3. "A new and facile synthetic approach to substituted 2-thioxoquinazolin-4-ones by annulations of pyrimidine derivative", Nimalini.D. Moirangthem, Warjeet S. Laitonjam, Beilstein J. Org.Chem., 2010, 1056-1060.
  4. "A facile synthesis of 7-amino-1,3-diaryl-5-phenyl-2-thioxo-pyrano[2,3-d]pyrimidine-4(5H)ones", Nimalini.D. Moirangthem, Warjeet S. Laitonjam, American Chemical Science Journal, 2011, 1(3), 58-70.
  5. "Proline catalyzed enantioselective Michael addition of unmodified ketones to arylidines", Nimalini Moirangthem, Bhavna Thingom, Soniya D Moirangthem & Warjeet Singh Laitonjam, Indian Journal of Chemistry., 2013, 52B, 937-941.
  6. "A simple and efficient procedure for the Knoevenagel condensation catalyzed by [MeHMTA]BF4 ionic liquid, Sanjoy Keithellakpam, Nimalini Moirangthem & Warjeet S Laitonjam, Indian Journal of Chemistry., 2015, 54B, 1157-1161.
Conference Participation / Presentations

14 National and International seminars/ symposiums and 5 National workshops.

Other Activities

2nd position in M.Sc (Chemistry 2003), Manipur University, Manipur


  • Lifetime Member of Society for Materials Chemistry, Reg. No. - Maharashtra, Mumbai/1229/2008/GBBSD C/o Chemistry Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai- 400 085 Membership No. - LM 448