Faculty Profile

Ms. Anjali Verma

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Email ID: anjalidps@gmail.com

Educational Qualification

Ph.D. Department of Chemistry, Ch. Charan. Singh University, Meerut (2018)

M.Sc. Chemistry, M.S. College, Saharanpur, Ch. Charan. Singh University, Meerut (2007) 

B.Sc.  DAV College For Girls, Yamuna Nagar, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra  (2005)

Academic achievements: 

NET (C.S.I.R.):   Dec, 2008 and Dec, 2010.

GATE : 2009

Career Profile

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, University of Delhi from 22-12-2015 to till date.

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi from 2011- 2015.

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Hansraj College, University of Delhi from 2009 -2010.

Areas of Specialization / Interest

Organic Chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Stereochemistry, Spectroscopy, Reaction mechanisms, 


Subjects Taught

Undergraduate Level- Stereochemistry, Spectroscopy, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences. Green Chemistry. Basic Organic Chemistry and functionl Groups, Ionic equilibria and States of matter, Polymer chemistry

Publications Profile

Papers published in International/National Journals:


  • Vikal, M., Shah, S., Singh, N., Gupta, M., Verma, A., Singh, P., & Kumar, Y. “Graphitic carbon nitride based heterojunction nanocomposite for degradation of organic dyes”. Materials Today: Proceedings (2022).

  • Teotia, M., Verma, A., Akitsu, T., Tanaka, S., Haraguchi, T., & Soni, R. K. “Salen Type Copper (II) Complexes as Flame Retardants for PVC Sheets.”  Journal of scientific and industrial research 78 (2019): 46-49

  • Anjali Verma, Rakesh Kumar Soni, Meenu Teotia"Prevention of poly (vinyl chloride) degradation through organic terephthalamides generated from poly (ethylene terephthalate) waste." Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2019): 48022.

  • Satish Kumar, Jaspreet Kaur, Anjai Verma, Mukesh, Arun Kumar, Sojkumar Dominic "Influence of polyether chain on the non-covalent interactions and stability of the conformers of calix [4] crown ethers." Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry 91.1-2 (2018): 81-93.

  • Teotia, M., Verma, A., Akitsu, T., Tanaka, S., Takahashi, K., & Soni, R. K. "TGA Decomposition and Flame Profile Measurement of Terephthalamide Stabilized PVC by Cone Calorimeter." Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research 76 (2017): 438-441.

  • Anjali Verma, RK Soni and Krishna Dutt, “Antifungal studies of terephthalic dihydrazide(TPD)generated from PET waste” International Transaction in Applied Sciences, Vol.VI , No.1 ,(2014), pp. 77-91,( ISSN-(Printing) 0974-7273, (Online) 0975-3761).
  • Anjali Verma, RK Soni and Mukesh, “Recent advances in PVC thermal stabilization with Lead free compounds” International Transaction in Applied sciences, Vol.VI No. 1, (2014) pp. 63-75,( ISSN-(Printing) 0974-7273, (Online) 0975-3761).
  • Anjali Verma et al, Biological Activities of Imidazo[2,1-b][1,3,4]thiadiazole Derivatives: A Review, Heterocyclic letters,  issue no.3 of vol.5, (2015),(ISSN : (print) 2231–3087 / (online) 2230-9632).
  • Anjali Verma, RK Soni and Krishna Dutt, “Curing kinetic studies of N, N-Dimethyl terephthalamide and terephthalic dihydrazide with Di-Glycidial ether of Bisphenol-A from PET waste" International Journal of Education and Science Research Review Volume-3, Issue-1(2016) pp.1-9,(E-ISSN 2348-6457).


Book Chapter:


  • Lata Chandra and Anjali Verma, Introduction of botanical pesticides in integrated pest management.” Environment and Chemistry, Campus Books International, 2015, Chapter 9, pp.95-100.  



Conference Participation / Presentations

Abstract published/Paper or poster Presented in International/national Conferences Proceedings:

  • Anjali Verma, R. K. Soni, Lead free thermal stabilizers, International Conference on Green Technologies for Environmental Rehabilitation, Department of faculty of Engineering and Technology, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridawar, Uttarakhand,(2012).
  • Anjali Verma, Meenu Teotia, R. K. Soni, Green Buildings, A future requirementInnovations in Science and Technology for Inclusive Development, ISCA Haridwar Chapter, Dept. of Chemistry, C.C.S. University, Meerut(2014).
  • Anjali Verma, R. K. Soni, Study of glycolysis of Polyethylene terephthalate using different glycols,  National Conference on Science and technology for Indigenous Development in India, ISCA Haridwar Chapter, Dept of faculty of Engineering and Technology, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridawar,Uttarakhand,(2015).
  • Anjali Verma, Priti Malhotra, Divya Mathur, Greener approach to the synthesis of FeNP from the spices extract and its characterization RSC workshop on “Chemistry For Tomorrow’s World”(2015)
  • Anjali Verma, Priti Malhotra, Divya Mathur, Green synthesis of zero valent iron nano-particles(FeNP) employing plant extracts, National conference in Chemistry on Environment & Harmonious Development, (2016). 
  • Anjali Verma, Meenu Teotia, Mohit Kumar, R. K. Soni, Green synthesis of Dimethacrylate of Bishydroxyethyl terephthalate: Characterization & DFT Study, International conference on “Green Technology: Issues & Challenges” jointly organized by Centre for International Cooperation, Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut & ISCA Haridwar (2022)

Participation in conferences and seminars:

  • Participated in National Seminar on Role of Analytical Techniques in Biological and Environmental Sciences, Organized by Kirori Mal  College University of Delhi from  27th to 29th January, 2011.
  • Participated in the three Days Workshop: on “Recent Trends in Green Chemistry” organized by Department of Chemistry, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi from 11th to 13th January, 2012.
  • Participated in the four Days Workshop: on “Techniques in Genetics and Genomics” organized by Department of Biochemistry, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi from 8th to 11th February, 2012.
  • Participated in International Symposium on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development, Organized by Miranda House, University of Delhi on 30th to 31st March, 2012.
  • Participated in the six Days Workshop: on Theory and Practical course “Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry” organized by Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi from 2nd to 7th July, 2012.
  • Participated in National Seminar on Current Environmental Challenges and possible Solutions, Organized by Department of Botany, Ramjas College, University of Delhi from 15th to 16th February, 2013.
  • Participated in National seminar on Technical Terminology and Science Teaching, organized By Commission of Scientific and Technical Terminology at DDU College, University of Delhi from 18th-19th Sept, 2015.
  • Participated in National Seminar on Innovative, Advance Research in Biomedical and Environmental Dynamics, organized by Department of Chemistry, Dayal Singh College, University of Delhi from 9th -10th October, 2015.


Administrative Assignments

Member of Campus Improvement Committee(2016-17)

Member of Enactus ARSD (2022-23)