Security: Safety for All

Security Guards

The college shows utmost concern for providing its staff and students a safe place. Its security is outsourced to private security services. A team of 14 guards including two female security guards look after the security throughout the campus, round-the-clock. Apart from manning the entrance, they also help with maintenance of discipline of the various floors of the College building.

CCTV Cameras

The college has 61 CCTVs installed at strategic places on the Campus. CCTV cameras help to identify and capture any intruder which can pose any threat to the safety of the students and staff. They also help in invigilating the whole campus for disciplinary check.

Fire Extinguishers

The college has 48 fire extinguishers installed at different places like laboratories, library, corridors, accounts, administration, entry gate, canteen, etc. which can control small fire outbreaks. The college have ABC fire extinguishers, CO2 gas extinguishers and mechanical foam extinguishers which target different types of fires. All the extinguishers are periodically monitored by the authority and assure their workable condition. College staff including gardeners, lab assistants and guards is trained to use them.

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