Maintenance Policy

  • For the maintenance of campus facilities, the College has a Campus Improvement Committee. On the basis of the perspective development plan proposals for infrastructural augmentation are drawn by the College Building Committee. At the time of planning, student strength and the nature of academic programmes offered by the institution are factored in. For general maintenance and repairs, the College has its own Development Fund and there are well established procedures and systems for utilizing these funds.
  • To augment sports facilities and maintenance of College grounds as well as different sports activities, there is a Sports Board with the Director of Physical education as its convener. Cultural committee items?
  • Library Development Fund is utilized on the recommendation of the Librarian and the Library Committee fund allocation for different departments is done in the Library Committee meetings.
  • For computers, the work of facility augmentation/maintenance is carried out by College administration on the recommendation of the Computer Science Department and the ICT Committee of the College.
  • For classrooms and the rest of the premises, the caretaker and the administrative officer are responsible. Funds allocated for maintenance are utilized for planned activities. The store section takes care of the regular purchase needs. The indents raised by the concerned departments are sent to the administrative officer and the caretaker after being sanctioned for necessary action. While day-to-day maintenance is carried out by the existing staff, non-repairable systems are placed in storage and later auctioned off as scrap.
  • The laboratory equipment is maintained through the College Development Fund and annual grants received from the UGC and the Government of India. The teacher-in-charge of the concerned department along with the Purchase Committee is responsible for any kind of purchase and repair.
  • The senior most-lab assistant is responsible for keeping all the instruments in good condition with the help of support staff. Computers and electronic devices are maintained and repaired through the funds available in the institution. Outside vendors are contacted for major and minor repairs. The College has regular power supply from BSES within the Campus. Voltage stabilizers have been installed for the protection of sensitive equipment. Maintenance of sensitive electrical equipment is done through the Annual Maintenance Contract while minor repair works are carried out through the complaint received by the administration.
  • Every semester, the students are required to fill up an IT and other infrastructure (library, sports, building, canteen) services survey. This feedback is an important aspect for systematic assessment of existing facilities.
  • During pandemic administration very vigilantly followed Thermal screening of every visitor in the college campus and sanitization of the campus was done on a regular basis.
  • There is Recycle paper machine, a garbage room and 1260 square feet area is marked for compost pit contributing to environmental health and safety.
  • To utilize the rain water, the College has reserved an area of 358.4 square feet for rain water harvesting unit along with a rain water storage tank of 4500 square foot.
  • To maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of washrooms, the College has given contract to Sulabh International.
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