Medical Room- First -aid treatment!!

The college Medical room is staffed by a full-time nurse who provides immediate first-aid treatment in cases of slight infections and minor injuries and ailments. The medical room is equipped with a patient bed and primary medical equipments including Blood Pressure Machine, Glucometer, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinder, Glucose drip, Concentrator etc.

Student Counselling- Mentoring the budding minds !!

ARSD focuses on mental wellbeing of all its stakeholders. Counsellor in campus and mentoring system in place ensure the well-being of the staff and students. In addition, the IQAC organizes counselling sessions, seminars and webinars on the subjects related to mental welfare as well as FDPs for students, staff and faculty. IQAC also organises Web Concerts on Facebook Live safeguarding the emotional health of ARSD fraternity. College, every year, celebrates International Yoga Day, organised three-day yoga camp with the ministry of AYUSH and conducted many online yoga sessions contributing to the same.

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