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add on courses

The Faculty Members of the Cell to continue the process of learning even in the pandemic scenario came up with the idea of introducing the online add on courses. In the period from July2020 –January 2021 the cell successfully conducted and concluded batches for three add on courses.

The course titled “Certificate Course on Digital Marketing” was conducted for 40 hrs. It provided an immersive learning experience in gaining a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing platforms and tools along with techniques .

The second course titled as “Basic Skill Development Programme: French Language” was conducted for 50 hrs. The focus of this programme was to provide training for real-life use of French Language, the integration of French and Francophone culture and language.

The course titled “Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation” conducted for 60 hrs attracted commendable response from over 45 national and International students. The course had participation from countries like Srilanka, Ghana, USA and Zimbabwe. The course emphasized on providing training to the interested young enthusiasts, who plan to pursue their career prospects into the vast and unexplored premises of forensics. The purpose of the course is to develop the new generation investigation team that understands the requirements of the growing problems of financial fraud in all kind of industries and is geared up for training and preparing high quality forensic professionals to fulfill the future needs of these stakeholders.

The Cell proposes to start a new batch of the add on course titled “Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation” for 60 hrs in immediate near future.

Project-News Series

The students of ecell were stuck in this lockdown in the starting of new session, so The Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Cell of ARSD thought of various productive ways to engage the budding entrepreneurs. Hence, we came up with the "NEWS SERIES ". Under this project, we are covering the latest affairs that are affecting business and entrepreneurship.

Start-up battle - In this we compared two start ups of the same industry on the basis of the services provided so that people would judge the better one accordingly. For ex. Ola Vs uber cabs.

Facebook - Jio Alliance - We explored all the possible reasons why a Silicon Valley social media giant like Facebook invested in India's Jio amid this crisis and we came up with exciting results. We very well covered their impacts on Indian entrepreneurs, their mutual benefits etc.

The Atmanirbhar Bharat - the newest idea of PM Modi of self-reliant India movement was explored. Emphasis was laid on how to become vocal for our local products.

The 4th industrial revolution - Probably we are getting ready for our 4th industrial revolution which will be a fusion of technologies and it will change our perspective towards humanity. We have covered it's impacts on economy, business, nation, society and individual.

How covid -19 triggered US-CHINA TRADE WAR? - US has high hopes that India and vietnam can ramp up at least equal to Chinese capacity and China has furthered its reforms of REMOVAL OF FOREIGN OWNERSHIP RESTRICTIONS in auto sectors.

The Entrepreneurship Cell also introduced an online brain storming competition, Samadhan, how covid 19 creates an opportunity for us as an existing/aspiring entrepreneur.The number of registrations in this competition were really bewildering.

Coming to the end of this tenure, we started with a Stock Market Series which focused on elucidating key financing concepts to help give budding entrepreneurs a guide to stock investing and trading. The series included articles on various topics like Main Exchanges in India, Types of orders, Types of Markets and other important topics covering stocks, investing and trading.

National Entrepreneurship Challenge

E-Cell ARSDC is participated in National Entrepreneurship Challenge which is being organized by IIT Bombay. This was a 6 month long competition that planned to develop entrepreneurship developing bodies in each student campus of India. And with immense pleasure we would like to convey that with the combined efforts of the team, ECell ARSDC secured 6th position of the Advanced Track in National Entrepreneurship Challenge 2020 organised by E-Cell IIT-Mumbai .The completion saw participation of over 120 colleges from all over the country.

E-Summit 2021

The cell successfully conducted its E-Summit 2021,which comprised of following competitions:

Panel Discussion with 3-4 keynote speakers followed by a 15-20 minutes open discussion among all the participants.

Business Plan competition: The B-Plan event comprised of 2 rounds. In the first round all the participating teams submitted an Executive Summary of 3-4 pages explaining-Product USP, Funding/revenue generating strategies for their product and Marketing strategies and approaches for the promotion of their product. In the next round all the selected teams were required to prepare a pitch deck for their product or service and present it to the judges in the given time limit. The presentation was followed by a Q and A round between the participants and the judges.

Inquisition (treasure hunt event)-This event consisted of two rounds. In the 1st round all the participants were given 'puzzles' in the form of a pictorial presentation and some gibberish based on the theme of entrepreneurship which they needed to solve accurately within the given limited time frame. The selected students in the next round were required to identify the fascinating riddles along with the logo branding in order to win the game.

E-Cell Branding - In this event students had to design a logo for the branding of E-Cell along with a short jingle that is to be made in the form of a video and submit the same within a given deadline via e-mail.



Organised a webinar on Forensic Science and its scope on 4th April,2021. It had participation of over 190 students.



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