Activity Reports

Academic YearName of the Workshop/ seminar/ ConferenceReport of the Program
2021-22Exploring Utopia Through Omelas: Philosophy and Science FictionView Report
2020-21Life of a classic: Aage Samandar HaiView Report
2020-21Tete-a-TeteView Report
2020-21Lecture on Popular Fiction and SocietyView Report
2020-21A Poetry Reading and Sharing SessionView Report
2019-20National Seminar on History of English LiteratureView Report
2019-20Basant Satpathy Memorial LectureView Report
2018-19Writing City: Politics, People, AestheticsView Report
2018-19Farewell 2018-2019View Report
2017-18Talk by Dr. Payal NagpalView Report
2017-18Interactive SessionView Report
2017-18Seminar on Partition: New/Parallel HistoriesView Report
2017-18Talk on European Classical Literatute: An IntroductionView Report
2017-18Talk by Dr Syed Mubin ZehraView Report
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