Student Enrichment Activities


We have very active students physics society which organizes many competitions, seminar and group discussions on various current topics related with physics. The society organizes a two day fest ‘Feynmania’ annually. On the first day a talk is held by the society where we invite eminent scientists from the field of physics. Post talk various competitions are held on that day and the second day. Students from other departments and colleges participate in large number in these competitions.

Activity Reports

Academic YearName of the Workshop/ seminar/ ConferenceReport of the Program
2022-23Workshop on A.I. and Metaverse
View Report
2022-23Physics with Python
View Report
2022-23"Field Visit to Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and
Research, Department of Atomic Energy"
View Report
2021-22International Conference On RAFM-2022
View Report
2020-21International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials & Devices AFMD-2021
View Report
2020-21National Conference on“Recent Advances in Functional Materials (RAFM-2020)”
View Report
2019-20AI & Robotics workshopView Report
2019-20Seminar- Positional Astronomy, Celestial events and Students projectsView Report
2019-20National Conference on“New Trends in Nanotechnology and Applications NTNA-2020”
View Report
2018-19Science Video CompetitionView Report
2018-19Association-Seminar: Feynmania-Quiz CompetitionView Report

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