ILLUMINATI - The Physics Society

ILLUMINATI, the physics departmental society of Atma Ram SanatanDharma College, D.U. has been trying to make physics more fun and attractive through its events and workshops. We provide a sound platform for students to discuss and interact with various problems and topics related to Physics. Encouraging them to question different problems found in the universe and putting them up for a group discussion helps in developing their communication skills and also helps them realize their potential for the future.

By doing so we help them pave a path for higher studies in physics and related fields. We regularly invite guest speakers to come and give lectures on various topics related to physics, and later clear queries of students regarding the topics. In this way, students are always kept updated on the recent developments happening in this field. We at Illuminati make sure that Physics is not only for Physics graduates but for everyone with a curious mind. We arrange events so that students from other departments are also able to understand the concepts more clearly.

We aim to make the student-professor relationship a bit more interactive so that students don’t feel left out while in the classroom. This would help them gain more knowledge regarding this field and the prospective future opportunities.

Events Organised

On 14th October 2022, we organized a workshop related to Artificial Intelligence, it’s implications, and about Metaverse. Dr. Sachin sir, our esteemed guests, helped us understood the basic of A.I., it’s future aspects and how crucial it will be in the coming time. They also taught us about career opportunities in the same and how we as students can take A.I. as career and become experts in that. Later our speaker told us about Metaverse and how it can enhance various sectors like medical, tourism, e-gaming. Next, participants were introduced to the analysis of exoplanet lightcurves.

He also elaborated us about their cons and answered curious questions like will A.I. take over
human or will they be able to replace us in jobs. Overall the workshops was very fascinating and everyone got to learn a lot of new things there.

E=mc2   Movie Screening

On 28th September 2022, the physics society of our college ILLUMINATI organized a Documentary Screening of the movie E=mc2 and later some questions related to the moviewas asked to the audience and they answered them with great enthusiasm. Our physics teachers were also present there and gave us a good introduction about our society and about the documentary. Everyone was engaged throughout the documentary, and we got very positive reviews about the event.

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