Department of Physics

About Us

The department of physics is one of the oldest and the largest departments of the college that was established in 1959 with 5 faculty members and one laboratory in Anand Parbat building. At that time B.Sc. (General) was the only program that was being offered by the department. The department has been well known for its good academic reputation and contribution to the college and university. Two of the faculty members are former Principals and two others have been DUTA Presidents in the past. At present there are 28 faculty members and three fully equipped and well-furnished laboratories in the department.

Our Aim
  • To provide a high quality education which prepares students for further study and research in physics and for a wide range of career opportunities.
  • To support teaching and learning with well-equipped laboratory and computing facilities.
  • To provide the support and guidance that students need, and to encourage them to take on responsibility for their educational development.
  • To foster a friendly and stimulating learning environment in which students are motivated to reach high standards, to acquire real insight into physics and to become self-confident, committed and adaptable graduates.
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