Society and Seminars

Dāstān: The History Society

All the major academic and extra-academic activities of the Department are organized by our departmental society Dastan. National and International Seminars and two-day annual fest called Clio calling are among the high points of our academic calendar.Dastan also organizes project-based study visits to historically important sites within and outside of Delhi.

Major talks and Seminars held over past 5 years:

  • A Talk by Prof. D.N. Jha- 2017
  • A Talk on Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism-2018
  • International Seminar on Kabir: Different Perspectives-2018
  • A Talk on Manusmriti-2019
  • International Seminar on Premakhyan-2019
  • Dr. N.K. Mishra Memorial Webinar-2020
  • National Seminar on Gandhi-2020
  • Webinar on Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav-2021
  • Workshop on the theme Blazing the Trails: Changing Historiography of India-2022
  • A talk on the theme Reflections on the Indian Historiography of Gender-2022
  • Project Dastaan: Film Screening and Panel Discussion on Partition-Jan 2023
  • A Talk by Prof. Amar Farooqui-Feb. 2023
  • International Seminar on the Notion of India: History, Politics & Literature-Feb. 2023
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