Student Enrichment Activities


Student Enrichment Activities

In addition to providing the students with a robust classroom teaching experience, we try to expose them to multiple perspectives by regularly organizing talks by domain experts as well as National and International Seminars. Screening of documentaries and movies is done to aid the classroom teaching and presentations and group discussions are encouraged for experiential learning and to also foster a spirit of inquiry. Every semester the students get to visit a couple of major historical landmarks both within and outside of Delhi, but these are not mere pleasure trips as the students have to prepare projects based on their experiences.

Activity Reports
Academic YearName of the Workshop/ seminar/ ConferenceReport of the Program
2022-23Annual Fest 'CLIO CALLING - 2023'
View Report
2022-23Two-day Interdisciplinary International Seminar Notion of India: History, Politics & Literature
View Report
2020-21National Seminar on Kabir and Bhakti MovementView Report
2019-20National Seminar on Mohan das Karamchand Gandhi: Society, Politics and PhilosophyView Report
2018-19Inter-Disciplinary National Seminar On “Rahul Sankrityayan: Literature, History and Political Philosophy”View Report
2018-19Annual Fest 'CLIO CALLING - 2019'
View Report
2018-19Talk on Modern, Modernity and Modernization: A Case of Modern JapanView Report
2018-19Talk on Neighborhood Trivia and Indecent Stories: Politicization of Hatred and Malice in Nazi GermanyView Report
2017-18National Seminar on “Political Cultures in India: Shifting Profiles”View Report
2017-18International Seminar on KABIR: Different PerspectivesView Report
2017-18Annual Fest 'CLIO CALLING - 2018'
View Report


Every Year the Department organizes project based field visits to the major landmarks of Delhi as well as various parts of our country, and there is no gainsaying the importance of such trips.
Some of the major sites covered since 2017:
1. Udaipur, Pushkar, Mandu, Ajmer and Kumbhalgarh -2017
2. Orchha, Jhansi, Ajanta&Ellora -2018
3. Hampi, Undawalli, Gwalior, Padawali, Mitawali, Bateshwar&Morena -2019
4. Jhansi &Khajuraho -2022
5. Pattadakal, Badami caves, Aihole&Hampi -2023

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