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Title of paperName of the author/sName of journalYear of publication
How David Came up Trumps: The NIRF and the Rise of Off Campus CollegesMs. Maitrayee Roychoudury and Dr. Priyanka Kulharijournal of Centre for Reforms, Development and Justice2017-18
Making Gulabjamun and KachoriDr. Jyotsnaphanija BollaThe Feminism Wire2017-18
Cosmic Beckonings in the poetry of Manas BakshiDr. Shubha DwivediDialogue2018-19
She will break (Poem)Dr. Priyanka KulhariAd Litteram Journal. December 2018 edition, volume 32018-19
Finding a Voice: Transition from Jane Eyre to Wide Sargasso SeaGurvandna R M SinghIJELLH2019-20
Indentured and post-indentured experience of women in the Indian Diaspora, edited by Amba Pande: book reviewMs. Mousumi RayDiaspora Studies 2020-21
Intersection of different discourses in the representation of Eve in Book 9 of paradise LostMs. Konika KwatraScholarly research journal for humanity, Science and English2020-21
The Idea of Self in Frankenstein Ms. Konika KwatraScholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies2020-21
AN INDIAN DIASPORA IN INDIA (Poem)Dr. Achinglui KameiSetu Bilingual monthly Journal2020-21
END OF PEACH (Poem)Dr. Achinglui KameiSetu Bilingual monthly Journal2020-21
JUST A WOMAN (Poem)Dr. Achinglui KameiSetu Bilingual monthly Journal2020-21
Memory (Poem)Dr. Achinglui KameiBorderless2020-21
SOUND OF THE BUGLE (Poem)Dr. Achinglui KameiSetu Bilingual monthly Journal2020-21
TWILIGHT FLUTE (Poem)Dr. Achinglui KameiSetu Bilingual monthly Journal2020-21
Waning moon Sanitizer bottle Almost empty (Poem)Dr. Achinglui KameiHaikuniverse2020-21
World Class City (Poem)Dr. Achinglui KameiBorderless2020-21
Absurdity, Uncertainty and Meaninglessness in the Plays of Samuel Becket: An Aristotelian AnalysisDr. Priyanka KulhariResearch Journal of English (RJOE)2021-22
Beautiful World, Where you Are By Rooni S.: A book reviewMs. Shibani Phukan Fortell2021-22
India in Sadat Hasan Manto and Intizar Husain Partition TalesDr. Prerana SinhaINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH AND ANALYTICAL REVIEWS2021-22
Indian Cinema: Making Departure from the Stereotypical Presentation of Women in NupitalDr. Priyanka KulhariThe Creative Launcher2021-22
Instilling Hope: Waiting for the Dust to SettleAchingliu KameiBorderless2021-22
Resistance of the Subaltern: Heathcliff in Wuthering HeightsGurvandna RM SinghTattva-Sindhu2021-22
Such a Strong Wish for Wings: Charlotte Brontë's Cultural InteractionsGurvandna RM SinghThe Journal of Oriental Research Madras2021-22
Swami Vikekanand: The Making of a VisionaryDr. Rosy Sinha Third Concept: International Journal of Idea, vol. 352021-22
The Myth Re-enacted: Sisyphus and HeathcliffGurvandna R M SinghTOJQI2021-22
Verbal Verisimilitude of Vikram Seth in his Epic Novel, "A Suitable Boy"Dr. Prerana SinhaJournal of the Oriental Institute 2021-22
Name of the teacherTitle of the book/chapters publishedYear of publicationName of the publisher
Dr. Achingliu KameiNaga Tales Dawn2017-18Publisher Jan and Gaare (International) publishing Norway
Dr. Jyotsnaphanija BollaCeramic Evening (Poetry Collection)2017-18Calcutta Writers Workshop
Dr. Jyotsnaphanija BollaThe World I Write In: An Anthology of Visually Impaired Poets and Short Story Writers (co-editor)2017-18Hyderabad: Nivasini Publishers
Dr. Achingliu KameiChapter: "Interrogating the Causes and Effects of Alcoholism: A Christian Perspective in A Terrible Matriarchy by Esterine Kire", In book: "Christian Inquiry on Polity"2017-18Inter Varsity
Dr. Jyotsnaphanija BollaMaking Gulabjamun and Kachori2017-18The Feminism Wire
Dr. Prerana SinhaChapter: "Power and Gender in Shakespeare’s Plays", In Book: "Conscious Re-imagining of Shakespeare's Plays"2017-18Bahari Publications, New Delhi
Ms. Mousumi RayChapter: "Emily Dickinson the poet of Infinite possibilities", In book: "Women’s Writing"2017-18Book Age Publications
Shibani PhukanCharlotte Perkins Gilman: “The Yellow Wallpaper:” Challenging the Pattern.”In Book: "Women’s Writing"2017-18Book Age Publications
Dr. Prerana SinhaChapter: "Media and Contemporary Literature", In Book: "Media, Language and Literature"2018-19Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies, Faridabad
Dr. Priyanka KulhariShe will break (Poem)2018-19Ad Litteram Journal. December 2018 edition, volume 3
Dr. Achingliu KameiCaravan, Mississippi Books (Anthology)2019-20Mississippi Books Print
Dr. Achingliu KameiThe Poetry Pea Journal of haiku and senryu: Winter (Anthology)2019-20Patrica McGuire (Author)
Dr. Gautam ChoubeyPhoolsunghi (first ever translation of a Bhojpuri novel)2019-20Penguin Publishers
Dr. Jyotsnaphanija BollaStoned Song (Translator)2019-20Penna Writers Association
Dr. Achingliu KameiChapter: "Reading Cultural Expressions through Foodways: A Study of Zeliangrong Nagas", In Book: "North-East India: Exploring Philosophy, Culture and Environment Sustainability"2019-20Krishi Sanskritis
Dr. Achingliu KameiChapter: "Social Media and Empowerment: Passive Recipients to #MeToo Movement and Beyond", In Book: "The 21st Century Indian Woman: representations and Expectations"2019-20Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd. ND
Dr. Gautam ChoubeyChapter: "DELHIWALLAH JAGANNATH AND THE ODIA DIASPORA: NOTES TOWARDS A SOCIAL HISTORY", In Book: "Bonding with the Lord: Jagannath Popular Culture and Community Formation"2019-20Bloomsbury Publishing
Dr. Jyotsnaphanija Bolla6 Books by Indian Disabled Women Writers2019-20Feminism in India
Dr. Prerana SinhaChapter: "The Indian Woman and her Representations on Celluloid", In Book: "The 21st Century Indian Woman: representations and Expectations"2019-20Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd. ND
Ms. Shibani PhukanChapter : “The Other Side of Silence: Literature from the North-east.” In Book: "Speaking Silence: History, Politics and Psychology"2019-20Gyan Publishing House
Shibani PhukanBook Review "A Red-Necked Green Bir’: Ambai’s Intersectional Feminism"2020-21Live Wire
Shibani PhukanBook Review of The Anger of Saintly Men: The Innards of Toxic Masculinity2020-21Live Wire
Dr. Achingliu KameiChapter: "Construing Esterine Kire’s A Terrible Matriarchy", In Book: "Reading the Margins"2020-21People’s Publication
Dr. Prerana SinhaChapter: "Resistance and Assimilation: A Critical Study of Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy (2019) and Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger", In Book: "Resistance and Assimilation: Voices of the Subalterns"2020-21Bharti Publications, New Delhi
Dr. Achinglui KameiMemory (Poem)2020-21Borderless
Dr. Achinglui KameiWorld Class City (Poem)2020-21Borderless
Dr. Achinglui KameiWaning moon Sanitizer bottle Almost empty (Poem)2020-21 Haikuniverse
Dr. Achinglui KameiCHAKAAN (Poem)2020-21Imphal Free Press
Dr. Achinglui KameiTHE SACRED FLOWER (Poem)2020-21Imphal Free Press
Dr. Achinglui KameiWALK AWAY, WALK AWAY (Poem)2020-21Melbourn Culture Corner
Dr. Achinglui KameiTWILIGHT FLUTE (Poem)2020-21Setu Bilingual monthly Journal
Dr. Achinglui KameiJUST A WOMAN (Poem)2020-21Setu Bilingual monthly Journal
Dr. Achinglui KameiAN INDIAN DIASPORA IN INDIA (Poem)2020-21Setu Bilingual monthly Journal
Dr. Achinglui KameiEND OF PEACH (Poem)2020-21Setu Bilingual monthly Journal
Dr. Achinglui KameiSOUND OF THE BUGLE (Poem)2020-21Setu Bilingual monthly Journal
Dr. Achinglui KameiCIRCLE OF MOTIONS (Poem)2020-21Madras Courier
Dr. Achinglui KameiTHE SILENCE WITHOUT YOU (Poem)2020-21Pine cone review
Dr. Achinglui KameiSONG OF THE SOUL (Poem)2020-21The little Journal of North East India (Issue 6)
Dr. Achingliu KameiFRIENDS AND FREINDSHIP Vol. 2 REST OF THE WORLD (Anthology)2021-22THE POET (International)
Dr. Achingliu KameiADVERSITY VOL.2 (Anthology)2021-22THE POET (International)
Dr. Achingliu KameiPoetry Pea Journal: Summer (Anthology)2021-22Patrica McGuire (Author)
Dr. Achingliu KameiSongs of Raengdailu, A Book of Poems2021-22Authorspress
Dr. Achingliu KameiWinter’s Ambivalence Anthology of Poems and Short Stories2021-22Publisher Ukiyoto Print
Dr. Gautam ChoubeyHara Vahi jo Lada Nahi: Twelfth Fail A Translation by Gautam Choubey2021-22HarperCollins India
Dr. Gautam Choubeyलोकतंत्र और उसकी संस्थाए- आंद्रे बेते A translation by Gautam Choubey2021-22Oxford
Dr. Jyotsnaphanija BollaBook Review of Songs of Raendailu2021-22Kitaab
Shibani PhukanBook Review of Rumours of Spring: A Girlhood in Kashmir: A Memoir From Kashmir Bracketed by Death2021-22Live Wire
Shibani PhukanBook Review of Scripting Bollywood: The Backstories of the Women Scriptwriters of Hindi Cinema2021-22Live Wire
Shibani PhukanBook Review of The Braided River: Walking Along the Banks of the Brahmaputra2021-22Live Wire
Dr. Achinglui KameiKaleidoscope, Anthology of International Poets. Poems: The Flower; Creating Magic; Forest; Widow; Bodies on the Highway and the Rivers2021-22International Publishing Centre
Dr. Achinglui KameiSouvenirs of Best Indian Poetry in English of 2021. Poem: Whispers from Mother Earth2021-22CynFynEnliven Publishers
Dr. Achinglui KameiWILD WIND ON MY VERANDAH (Poem) 2021-22The Little Journal of North East India
Dr. Achinglui KameiHER UNOCCUPIED CHAIR (Poem)2021-22Spillwords
Dr. Achinglui KameiPoem: "Whispers from Mother Earth", In Book: "Souvenirs of Best Indian Poetry in English of 2021"2021-22CynFynEnliven Publishers
Dr. Achinglui KameiPoems: "The Flower, Creating Magic, Forest, Widow, Bodies on the Highway and the Rivers", In Book: "Kaleidoscope: Anthology of International Poets"2021-22International Publishing Centre
Dr. Gautam ChoubeyChapter: "Bhojpuri Leisure: Popularity, Profanity and Piracy in Indian Popular Writings", In Book: "Indian Popular Fiction: New Genres, Novel Spaces"2021-22Routledge
Dr. Jyotsnaphanija BollaBangles (Poem)2021-22Indian Periodical
Dr. Prerana SinhaSouth Asian Literature: Expansions and Explorations. Chapter: Aravind Adiga's "The White Tiger, the Novel and its adaptation: A Re-interpretation of India on the Global Map."2021-22Thomson Press India Ltd.
Shibani PhukanIndian Feminist Ecocriticism. Chapter: Red Earth Resisting Women: Violence and Conflict in Literature from the Northeast - an Ecofeminist Perspective.2021-22Lexington Books
Name of the teacherTitle of the paperTitle of the proceedings of the conferenceName of the conferenceYear of publicationName of the publisher
Ms. Shibani Phukan“Tagore’s The Home and the World: Nationalism, Gender and the ‘Self-fashioning’ of Bimla”Gender Issues: Priority and ChallengesGender Issues: Priority and Challenges2017-18Satyam Publications
Ms. Mousumi RayPlaying the Woman: Bollywood Item Song and the Poilitics of the GazeCo-constitution of Gender and Politics, Centre of Gender StudiesProceedings of the 3rd International conference-2019, Gender Issues, Ceter for Gender Studies, Patna2018-19Centre for Gender Studies Patna
Dr. Priyanka Kulhari“Indian Women and Cinema: A Shift from Men Act, Women AppearMapping the Shifting Paradigms of Post¬Modern SocietyMapping the Shifting Paradigms of Post¬Modern Society2021-22All India Forum for English Students, Scholars and Trainers (AIFEST)

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