Infrastructure & Facilities



The objective of the experiments is designed by our skilled and experienced faculty. The aim is to make students with logical and scientific knowledge along with enhancing their teamwork capabilities. Departments offers advanced laboratory with high end hardware trainer kits and latest version of simulation software tools.


Electronics Department is equipped with highly developed hardware labs, that have superior quality and sophisticated trainer kits that allows students to design, implement and think beyond horizon. We have following hardware labs fully furnished and endowed with teaching and training kits, hardware components and qualified and skilled lab instructors


Electronics Department finds its application both in hardware and software these days. With so many advancements in the technology, software and programming tools provide real time and life like simulation as well as emulation environments to design & implement those devices and logics that are bound by hardware limitations. Tools from Pspice, Turboo C++, Xilinx, Scilab, Proteus, Atmel Studio and Android helps in analysing the performance of various systems and delivers quick results. With the help of such tools, many research papers and innovations have been implemented by our esteemed faculty and brilliant students.

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