Best Practices

Best Practices

The Department of Electronic Science offers B.Sc. (Hons) in Electronics. Faculty appointed in the department are actively involved in research and also supervising research fellows registered for the Ph.D.  program in the department of electronic science, University of Delhi under the faculty of interdisciplinary studies. The department has a microelectronics research lab running under the supervision of Dr. Jyotika Jogi. A number of research scholars working in this lab have already been awarded Ph.D. from University of Delhi and there are three research scholars presently working towards their Ph.D in the Microelectronics research lab at ARSD College.

With highly qualified faculty and competent technical assistants and laboratory staff, the department has successfully adopted and implemented some of the best teaching and research practices.

The practices followed in theory and practical classes are:

  • The students are taught subjects like, Basic Circuit Theory and Network Analysis, Mathematics Foundation for Electronics, Semiconductor Devices, Applied Physics, Electronic Circuits, Digital Electronics and Verilog/VHDL, C Programming and Data Structures, Operational Amplifiers and Applications, Signals and Systems, Electronic Instrumentation, Microprocessors & Microcontroller systems, Electromagnetics, Communication Electronics and Photonics, to help them to understand the design and developmental concepts of basic and advance electronics.
  • DSE (Discipline Specific Elective) courses are offered in Semesters V and VI to enhance student’s proficiency in the best choice of subjects picked by the department. Subjects offered are Power Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Semiconductor fabrication and characterization, Electrical Machines, Modern Communication Systems, Control Systems, Transmission line antenna and wave propagation, Bio-medical instrumentation and dissertation.
  • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) as selected by the department, based on the latest trends in industry and aim to enhance the latest skills. Courses offered are Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet and Java Programming, Design and Fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards, Mobile application development and Lab view programming.
  • The department also offers Generic Elective courses like Artificial Intelligence, Digital System Design, Computational Mathematics, Instrumentation Electronics and Electronic Circuit and PCB designing for students of other departments to keep them updated about recent developments in related subjects of electronics.
  • Practicals/Real-time Simulations are carried out to familiarize the students with software tools like Matlab, Multisim, Xilinx, Pspice, Proteus, Eagle, Virtual lab, Scilab, Codeblocks, Python, Android and Arduino.
  • The department has created associations to help students in their professional development. Electronics association organizes educational trips to government/non-government organizations to give students an industrial exposure. This enhances their analytical skills and cognitive capabilities. Besides this, it also organizes workshops/seminars regularly and provides students the chance to participate in different academic programs.
  • The faculty of the department believes in active learning and hence, keeps attending workshops and FDPs to provide more value to the students while teaching them different subjects.
  • The department conducts alumni interaction regularly to discuss various career opportunities after Graduation.
  • The department also has a student faculty committee which has senior faculty and student representatives as members. This addresses the different academic and non-academic issues of the students.
  • Additionally, the department has mentoring groups (consisting of faculty and group of students) which mentor students for their holistic development. These groups provide constructive feedback and career counselling.

Due to these practices, many students of the department have won prizes in different competitions. Some of the students are motivated towards entrepreneurship and have their own Start-up Companies

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