Department of Electronics

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The Department of Electronics was established in the year 2009. B.Sc. (Hons.) Electronics was initially established in 1991 under the joint department of Physics and Electronics). The department of Electronics since its inception comprised of many able and hardworking faculty members. This gives comprehensive knowledge to students about power generation, transmission, distribution, and automation and control. , the department of Electronics is committed to give in-depth, globally acceptable all-round knowledge to our students. Growing steadily, today the Department of Electronics teaches various topics in Electronics to undergraduates not only of Electronics but also students of Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. To keep abreast of the latest developments, the department periodically updates and revises its teaching method.

  • To provide in-depth knowledge and demonstrations related to the core area of electronics. It starts from basic level to the level of detailed analysis, research and design of circuits and systems, including exposure of latest advancements in the field of electronics.
  • To develop the skills and abilities in students that will facilitate them to acquire good jobs or to excel in higher studies in Electronics and related fields.
  • To involve the students in Good Professional Practices, Innovation Projects, Summer Projects, Summer Trainings and Research which provide them the platform to solve real world problems.
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